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Vegan Falooda


Plain Vermicelli (cooked) – 2 tbsp

Basil seeds (soaked) – 2 tsp

Rose Syrup – 3/4 cup

Mango juice – 1 and 1/2 cup

Soy Vanilla Ice Cream

Vegan Strawberry Jello

Slivered almonds


Strawberry slices


Preparation Method (is all about assembling!):

In a tall glass, add 1 tbsp of soaked basil seeds, 1 tbsp vermicelli. To this,  add 2 tsp of rose syrup and mix well. Then add Mango juice, ice cream and Jelly. Garnish with pistachios and slivered almonds.  You could also top it off with slices of strawberry to taste a hint of its fragrance and flavor. The strawberry flavor goes well with the rest of the ingredients in Falooda. I love it!  Enjoy!

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