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UMM Skincare: Interview with Founder and CEO, Anisha Vinjamuri

Anisha Vinjamuri resides in the greater seattle area and is the Founder and CEO of UMM Skincare, an Ayurveda inspired wholistic body care & wellness Eco – Luxe brand. UMM is a women owned social enterprise startup focused on product experiences that are therapeutic, preventative & luxurious. Their natural and plant powered products are developed to bridge the gap between internal wellness and external skin health for everybody.

When did you come to the United states?

I was born and raised in India, Hyderabad, in a traditional South Indian household where I finished my Masters in Commerce & Foreign Trade. I had an arranged marriage right out of college and moved to Seattle in the year 2003.

Anisha Vinjamuri, Founder and CEO of UMM SkinCare

Tell us a little bit about your start up. How did you come up with the idea for your start up, what was your inspiration?

I started my career in the technology industry, working for Microsoft and subsequently founded and ran a technology management firm, InnovationsIQ, for nearly 2 decades. UMM is my 3rd career shift and entirely out of my comfort zone. I enjoy a good challenge 🙂 The inspiration to build a purpose-driven eco-luxe skin health brand, UMM Skin Care, stemmed from my personal need and desire for 360-degree holistic body care.

UMM Skincare Products

Tell us more about your product, UMM Skin Care

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and balanced with modern science, our Eco- lux body care products are filled with an abundance of exotic oils, potent active botanicals, and apoptogenic herbs that improve the skin health internally & externally. Formulated with ingredients of the earth, our products are equal parts curative, preventative, and luxurious. UMM is designed to combat dryness, heal, restore, nourish, and improve skin health for all genders. UMM wellness house is rooted in the belief system that skin health is synchrony of mind, body, and the natural world. Our products are free of Toxins, Parabens, Phthalates, Dye, Harmful Chemicals & Animal Cruelty.

UMM Products
UMM Products

What is your routine like?

I am a mom to a wonderful teenage boy and two gorgeous K9 German Shepherds, Axie & Neo. We live in the beautiful Pacific North West and take advantage of time in the healing nature, mountains & lakes around us. ⁠
My day working on project UMM is filled with managing operations, developing ideas around functional body care, creating content, answering emails, shipping out packages to all you lovely folks who chose us as a part of their daily self-care and wellness practices. Last but certainly not the least, figuring out how to be social media savvy to develop a direct line of communication with our consumers.

What are your hobbies?

Apart from running my business, I am a wine enthusiast and I am into Olympic lifting, training my K9s, cooking & growing my indoor garden (not necessarily in that order). ⁠

If you ever want to brainstorm an idea or work with me or need some advice in my area of expertise, send me a note at [email protected] Or message me on I love discussing new ideas on a variety of topics, especially startup & growth-related.

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Image Courtesy: UMM SkinCare


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