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The Minecraft Halloween Party

I am a 10-year-old kid in elementary school and one of my favorite hobbies is playing Minecraft. Ever since this pandemic started, we have not been able to socialize normally like we would do every day. The only way to socialize is to wear a mask and play, while social distancing with friends.

But we have found another way. And that is using Minecraft. Minecraft is a fun game where you can be creative and explore and also collaborate with your friends. I usually use Minecraft for building, but sometimes, I also love playing in survival mode. A few weeks ago, I got an amazing idea.

Since Halloween is coming in a few weeks and we cannot go trick-or-treating in person, we could go trick-or-treating in Minecraft! It is one way to celebrate Halloween while social distancing! I told my friends about this, and they liked the idea!

We had a nice town in one of my friend’s world, so we decided to have a party there. The party will be in the hotel on the top floor. We will have games in the party and other stuff. We also will have cake, pumpkin pie and other yummy snacks!

There will be cool music and decorations! We will invite everybody in the town to the party. From our dogs to our chefs, our pandas to our snowmen. Everybody in the place will come. It is supposed to be the best party ever!! Before Halloween comes, we will invite everybody and we will work on making the place ready for the party.

Author: Amogh Munikote
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