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The Legend of Beacon Town: A MineCraft Story

There was an architect whose name was Steve. He was the head of an architect group and made some of the world’s best buildings.

One day, there was a king who wanted his kingdom to be big and modern. He asked Steve if he could make it bigger. Steve accepted his plan. In less than 2 months, they got the resources and started expanding the place! All went well, until 1 year later, a new architect named Alex came in.

Alex became the world’s best architect. Steve thought it would not be too bad to have a partner, but things became worse. The king liked the new architect so much that he thought Steve was worthless now. Soon enough, Steve was kicked out of the place. Disappointed, he went to his home and for 1 year, he was without a job.

One day, Steve thought, “I want to beat those guys by making my own city.” He immediately went to work. He took his workers with him and hired a few more. They started the village in a plot that the company had reserved. After getting the resources, they started building the village.

5 years of hard work passed and the village was finally established! Word got around that the grand opening would include a beacon. At the day of the grand opening, more than 10,000 people had come. As soon as the beacon turned on, Steve felt success go thru his veins!

Town Center
Farming district/Beacon

The village was ranked the best village on the continent! Then, Steve released his biggest plan yet… he was going to expand the village through 2 biomes! The heart of the village was in a grassland. Right next door was an acacia (redwood) and snowy biome. After many years of hard work, the village was in both biomes!


The king decided that he wanted to stop being Steve’s rival. He told Steve that he gives up and he thought his village was cool. From then on, Steve and the village had a happy life.

Snowy Village

Author: Amogh Munikote.
Amogh is a rising 5th grader and is passionate about Minecraft. He built these Minecraft pictures using Minecraft Pocket Edition.
Featured Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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