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Orcas Island Getaway!

Orcas Island

West Beach Resort – Orcas Island The San Juan Islands lie off the coast of Washington and have hundreds of islands and reefs, but only four major ones — San Juan, Lopez, Shaw, and Orcas Island— are connected to the mainland by ferry service and offer a range of lodging and activities. A group of 12…

Japan Travel: Memoirs, Quotes and Personal Reflections by two Friends!

japan travel

If you enjoyed our previous article on the United Kingdom, we have much more in store. Our favorite travel writers- Nazneen Malik and Priya Prabhu have come together to collaborate on yet another fun and informative article, this time from the land of the rising sun- Japan. Say Konichiwa to these two 🙂 Japan Travel…

Excerpts of a Rendezvous between two girls about their latest Vacation in UK!

vacation in UK

Vacation in UK Travel. That six lettered word that brings a twinkle in the eyes of many people we know. While, all this talk about travel sounds like mumbo-jumbo to a few mere mortals, to some of us, it is the light that ignites our soul, the passion that sets us free 🙂 The excitement…


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