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Gongura Pacchadi and Rice Roti

Gongura Pacchadi

Gongura or red sorrel is a staple green leaf used in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. It’s sour tangy taste is it’s USP. The spicy Andhra Masala added to the Pacchadi, make it a Gourmet’s delight. Gongura pacchadi is a Telugu cuisine. I am combining it with Rice roti, a Maharashtrian staple. The pair is totally…

South Indian Recipe – Home Made Chiroti!

South Indian Recipe

It’s a Maharashtra and Karnataka special dessert. I made this for Deepavali this year! South Indian Recipe. Ingredients: Maida/Enriched Flour: 200 gms Chiroti Rava: 50 gms Hot Ghee (Clarified Butter): 1 tbsp Salt: 1/2 tsp Milk to knead the dough Sugar (finely powdered with 6 cardamoms): 80 gms Oil to deep fry Corn flour: 2 tbsp…

Easy Way to Make Banana Chips – Taste is Priceless

banana chips

The famous Nendra Palam chips from Kerala was on my cooking wish list since long. Surprisingly, I found that it is very easy to make banana chips. Taste is priceless! Ingredients: 5 semi-raw bananas (Nendra Bale bananas) a tinge of sweetness is it’s USP. 1tsp Salt mixed in a bowl of 20 ml water. Oil…

Maddur Vada

maddur vada

Maddur is a small Hamlet with a population of about 25000 people on Bangalore – Mysore highway. It would have remained nondescript on the map, if not for the crispy golden brown Vadas which compelled the travelers to take a stopover. The hither-to secret recipe has become household after Advent of the Internet! Maddur Vada…

Andhra Special Palakura Pappu/Spinach Dhal

palakura pappu

Easy//Andhra special//protein//vegetable//comfort food. It’s going to be 2 years ever since we decided to relocate to India ( Namma Bengaluru) from Seattle. I remember the last few weeks of being in Seattle, where I was busy planning to buy things, meeting all my friends who were my family and visiting my favorite places. This Palakura…

Taro Root Fry/Chamadumpa Fry

taro root fry

Food plays an extra vital role in the households of Andhraites. Though am born and brought up in Andhra never had an inclination towards the combination of Fry and Pappu. My husband has always been a great fan of Taro Root Fry and this combination and eventually, I started loving it too. Today am presenting…

Kara Dosa (A Variant Of Masala Dosa)

kara dosa

My family loves dosas, especially, the masala dosas. When I lived in Seattle, I had a few North Indian friends who were amazed to know that there are many varieties of dosas. These are staple foods for South Indians. There are actually many varieties of dosas and variants of each variety! Presenting here a variant of Masala…

Cucumber Rice.

Cucumber Rice

Easy//Variety rice//Lunch Box recipe  I am blessed with friends who are very kind and who take good care of me. A couple days ago it was one of those days where I didn’t feel like cooking anything, managed with the dosa batter that I usually keep in the fridge for my boys. At the right moment, my neighbor…

Gongura Rice.

Gongura Rice

Easy//Quick Recipe//Lunch Box Recipe When your passion becomes your work, you will look forward to work! You wake up from your bed looking forward for the day. Cooking is my passion and when I write recipes in Aapkispace, I thoroughly enjoy it. As I was not keeping well for a few days, I had to…

Kofta Curry with Special Koftas!

Kofta Curry

Kofta Curry – Koftas made in this dish are not fried but made with very less oil in an appe pan and that is what make these koftas special ( as they are not deep fried)!! 🙂 Ingredients: For kofta: Potatoes boiled and mashed: 1 cup Paneer mashed: 1/4  cup Salt as per taste Black…


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