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Screen-Free Activities #41 and #42

screen free activities

Right from a young age, probably, as young as a couple months after birth, your child starts learning math language around her without realizing what it is… numbers, patterns around her, comparisons!! Between the ages, 3.5 and 5, they are ready to learn to count, what numbers look like, how the number words look like,…

Screen-Free Activities #39 and #40

screen-free activities

Screen-Free Activities for Kids- Activity #39. Making a Mickey Mouse Mask. Huska, Muska Mickey Mouse…!!! There is something truly magical about Mickey Mouse. This weekend we were invited for a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party where Rockstar truly enjoyed and had a blast. In the whole bunch of return gifts he got from there, there…

Factors to consider while choosing a summer camp for your kids.

Finding a balance between your children’s wants and your needs while piecing together a full summer schedule can be daunting, as there are hundreds of summer programs in the Seattle area to choose from. Which programs are best? Look for programs that have the following four elements, and both your needs and your child’s needs…


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