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May Food Be Thy Medicine, Not Medicine Be Thy Food!

food be thy medicine

Heartburn/Gastritis is seldom a disease. It’s a lifestyle induced disorder. It’s mother nature enforcing morality on the stomach, nonetheless, it’s intensity assaults mentally, physically and emotionally! Triggers of Gastritis: 1) Irregular eating and sleeping habits. 2) Stress, alcohol, drugs, fast foods, aerated drinks etc 3) Hurry Worry Curry in short😄 (hurry implies gulping down the…

Pineapple and Strawberry Salad

healthy fruits

Easy//Loaded with Anti-Oxidants//Colorful//Healthy//Fruits and Vegetables.  Fresh fruits and vegetables play a very important role in our diets and the way we feel. I love the way my day is when I am loaded with anti oxidants. I am much more relaxed, energetic and happy. Today, I am here presenting you my two favorite fruits in…


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