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Coloring Books for Adults and how it heals!

Adult coloring books are in. Its official, they have made a comeback, and in such a way! It is the hottest trend out there, folks! Its an escape to the wonderland, to the magical world where you can use your own colors, your own mode of colors to paint your own beautiful frame. And you…

Why is Chess Important for your Child?

Chess is one of the world’s most popular strategic board games, where each player controls 16 pieces with the objective of checkmating his or her opponent’s king. Each piece moves with a unique pattern, and provides different advantages in gameplay. This complex and intriguing competition is one that requires patience, sportsmanship, perseverance, and critical thinking….

Impact of ObamaCare on Dependents

 Impact of ObamaCare on dependents not covered by Corporate Medical Insurance Many Indians in the USA are responsible for the care of their dependents (parents, siblings, etc.) who are not US Nationals or Permanent Residents (Green Card holders). In the past, family members who visited the USA on Visitor visa could be claimed as dependents,…

Corporate Cell Phone Etiquette

Most organizations have prominent guidelines regarding cell phone policy which are specific to the needs of the company. However, we tend to forget some basic rules of phone etiquettes pertaining to our workplace environment. I believe that as employees if we keep in mind the below points it will help create and preserve a peaceful office environment: Cell phones need to…


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