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Naga Lakshmi Bhagavatula, Legal Professional, on Her Studies, Dance and Career

naga lakshmi

Naga Lakshmi’s Intro in her own words: Naga Laxmi – A lawyer by profession, dancer by passion and blogger (The Dancing by hobby who enjoys being a teacher and a homemaker. How did you come to the US? For studies or as a dependent? My masters in University of Pennsylvania Law School brought me…

Reshma Vittal, Program Management Technologist – Career and What Success Means to Her!

Reshma Vittal

Reshma Vittal received her Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bangalore University, India in 1997. She started her career as a QA Engineer in the Telecommunications industry, developed an interest in Program Management while leading complex projects and programs at startups and Corporates in San Jose, California, USA. She enrolled at Stanford University for…

Jyoti Raj, Senior Engineer, on Her Studies, Career and Challenges

jyoti raj

Jyoti Raj’s intro in her own words: I am a technologist who is passionate about solving problems. The software has just been the easiest medium 🙂 I like to see opportunities in obstacles and building blocks in barriers. During the course of my professional career, I have worked in diverse domains ranging from health to…

Amitha Duvvuri, Product Manager on her Studies, Career and Challenges

amitha duvvuri

Amitha Duvvuri works as a Product Manager for a Software company based in LA, California. She graduated from Walter Sisulu University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and with an Honors degree in Information Systems from the University of South Africa. She did her Master’s degree Program in Information Systems from the University of West London. She…

Nazneen Malik, Software Developer on her Studies, Career and Challenges.

nazneen malik

Nazneen Malik works as a Software Developer for a startup in Seattle, Washington. She loves her job and is very passionate about technology.  She graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and did her Master’s degree Program in Computer Science from the Utah State University. When Nazneen Malik is…


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