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Styling My Petite Wheatish Minimalistic Self.

Styling My Petite

Hello Dear Readers!

While I discussed some general shopping tips and deals in my previous article, I still have a bit more to share about colors, color combinations, and cuts.

I don’t follow fashion trends at all. I shop just once in a while. I prefer to not spend a lot. I know my measurements. I have spent enough time in the US and tried enough brands, styles and colors and I understand US sizes well that I can completely avoid shopping in stores. I drop in only if I happen to go to a mall for some other reason. I am a size XS or 2 petite, Styling My Petite self.

I work full-time in the software industry, go salsa dancing every week and also enjoy the outdoors. Some days I just slip in something comfortable and hang in the city. I shop only for these activities and the weather here.

Styling My Petite
At the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington
Styling My Petite
Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington

In fall weather, with jeans, I prefer bright secondary colors like orange, purple and turquoise for work or out and about in the city. I keep the style professional, practical and upbeat. I dress to prepare for an unexpected client presentation but not look like my grandma 😉

Styling My Petite
Celebrating India’s cricket win in 2011!
Styling My Petite
Styling My Petite: Wearing a stylish black cap!
Styling My Petite
Red dress at the Brazilian harvest festival in Seattle, WA

For Evening Wear:

blouses, short skirts and fancy stockings, rompers or body con dresses work well for me. V-necks, round necks and off-shoulders are fun. I like to sport red, a bright blue, a mint green or darker colors with some bling. I have so many clothes and accessories in those colors that if I add something of the same color to that collection, I don’t have to worry about matching it. I avoid mute colors. I think they don’t look good on darker skin at all.

Sometimes, I match my make-up with my accessories and it works really well. For example, I don’t have comfortable dark blue shoes to go on a dark blue and white summer dress. So I wear red shoes and red lipstick with it and it looks great! It adds an accent to the bold colors which women usually do with an belt or a neck piece. I match my nail polish to my shoes too. See? One less accessory to handle 😉

Styling My Petite
Indian Formal Wear!
Styling My Petite
Classic White Dress with a shimmer!

White with shimmer is classic to me. Now that brides wear other colors, I feel safe wearing it to cocktail parties :). My Indian clothes are usually a hack. I use bra tops or halter tops as cholis, ethnic looking skirts as ghangras and one of my many pashmina shawls as a dupatta. I am in love with the baby pink, olive green and gold combination. I’ll get over it…

I have a dark black pencil eye-liner, black mascara for the eyes. I don’t use eye shadow very much. I have 3 blushes, red, brown with shimmer and peach with shimmer. That’s all I need. I really just need a light pink, red, a shimmery brown lipstick and a gloss. I mix them up to get whatever combination I like. No point in buying every color. If you get a tan, you’ll need to shop all over again.

Styling My Petite
Casual wear in Yellow Stone National Park.
Styling My Petite
Wearing a gray Jacket at Tillicum Village, Washington.

I like to wear chaco sandals or hiking boots, cotton shirts and pants at parks . Yellows look great on a sunny day. No make up for me at parks! My winter coat is by Calvin Klein and my sweaters are usually from Kohl’s. Like like bright or solid colors in outer wear.

Styling My Petite
Posing with a performance wear at home.

My performance wear is a bigger hack than my usual Indian wear. See, I think of re-usability like a true software engineer :). The ghagra is from my dandiya wear from nay years ago. I bought a green halter, sowed a golden lace and golden ghungroos on it. Boom, Performance wear!

Styling My Petite

I keep my hair shoulder length, give or take 2 inches. When it’s long, I cut it in a way that it curls naturally. I only blow out my hair when I cut it every 2 1/2 months. I haven’t heat styled it for a lot longer. I don’t color. Now that I’m getting some grays, I am considering cellophane. It’s a protein treatment that is actually good for your hair. I use an epilator every other day, floss everyday and moisturize. My perfumes are from Chloe and Soma.

Styling My Petite
Styling My Petite- Coach!
Styling My Petite
Styling My Petite- Vera Bradley Handbag!

My bags follow the same color combination as my clothes. My 2 favorite bags are from Vera Bradley and Coach. I like them because they are vibrant and sturdy.

Styling My Petite
Picking garlands in Hawaii!

Overall, I get what makes me happy. When I see something that is very ‘me’, it grabs my attention immediately. That’s me picking garlands in Hawaii. *Bliss*

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Author: Nazneen Malik

Styling My Petite
Author : Styling My Petite

Nazneen Malik is a Software Engineer based in the Greater Seattle area since 2010. She is originally from Mumbai. She did her B.E. in Computer Engineering and then worked as a Software Developer in Mumbai for 2 years.  After that she moved to Utah to do her Masters in Computer Science in 2008. She is  passionate about her career and serving the community. For fun she likes to read, hike, salsa dance and travel!

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