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Share your H4 Story

Being on a H4 Visa in USA is difficult, overwhelming and many a times depressing.

As per reserach, 90% of H4 visa holders are women and many feel alone and helpless because of not being able to work/have a job, inspite of being highly qualified and having relevant work/industry experience, before coming to USA, not being able to make real friends, not having family/relatives close to them and mostly, because they feel they have no one to talk to and express how they feel and this phase presents uncertainity in various ways.

There might be many H4 stories you might have come across or heard. These are real stories. Many are around you and among you.

If you are on a H4 visa or have been on a H4 Visa and would like to share your thoughts and experiences, do send us your stories.

This series is to let you know that you are not alone who is suffering. There ar many who feel the same since they have had similar experiences. Some find ways to keep themselves occupied in a constructive way and there are some who feel very lost and have no idea what to do in this phase of life. Lets talk, share and express, may be, it might help others who are in a similar situation, to feel better. May be your story could inspire someone!

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