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Screen Free Activities #32 to #35. Origami, The Art Of Folding and Others!

healthy activities

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Origami is the Japanese folding art.
It is known from a very long time for its several benefits it offers to kids:

  1. Development of hand and eye coordination
  2. Improvement in sequencing skills
  3. Teaches kids how to follow directions
  4. Increases attention span
  5. Math reasoning and much more!!
  6. Apart from all this, it is fun!

Thanks to a dear friend who gifted us a beautiful origami set, and since then my boys love spending time with Origami.

healthy activities       healthy activities

Activity # 33

Dot Painting

Dot painting is a painting done using ear buds.  Patterns are created using the dots that are made of ear bugs instead of painting the picture.
Here we tried to paint this butterfly using dots.
Why Dot painting?

  1. It’s fun to do something different.
  2. Improves hand and eye co-ordination
  3. Increases attention span.
  4. Neural Pathways involved in artistic creativity open up!
activities for kids
Kids healthy activities

Activity # 34

Today my Rockstar wanted to do an activity of his choice. I was actually planning to do vegetable painting but he decided to do rock painting.
He painted a plain white sheet in Yellow.
He painted some rocks with few other colors and made imprints of those on the yellow color sheet.
We had fun trying new art today!

activities for kids
Activities for kids

Activity #35
Paint bottle cap painting 🙂

Though the name sounds funny, the activity was fun. Today, my Rockstar wanted to try his own experiments in art. Loved looking at his creativity and the enthusiasm that he was showing to come up with his own ideas. He was painting using the bottle caps!

activities for kids
healthy activities for kids
healthy activities
Author: Gayathri Vamsi

Buzzing Bees is an Afterschool Enrichment Program founded by Gayathri Vamsi. Their center is located in Bangalore. Their motto is “Paata is Aata, Aata is paata”, meaning, “Learning is like a Game and Games have a lot of Learning”

Gayathri is passionate about Kids Education and Activities that offer a constructive and effective learning environment for kids. As a mother of two young boys,  she is constantly learning different ways of creatively engaging them in activities where they learn, grow and enjoy doing that,  at the same time. She homeschooled her kids when she lived in the US. Buzzing Bees is a venture where Gayathri extends her passion to become available to the community.

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