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Modern Design Evoking Travel Memories!

Interior Designing helps convert a normal space into a fully functional space! Embellishing it with decorations, art work and furnishings add beauty to the functional element of the space. In the below project, interior designing has been done in a way to bring out memories of places, the client visited and enjoyed!


Formal Living Room


In this case, the living room was designed with a beach and ocean theme in mind.

When choosing furniture, consider the overall look – modern or antique – as well as the wall colors to avoid the furniture blending into the walls.

You can add texture and visual interest to the floors – carpets are a great means to do that. For this house, since the client wanted a nautical theme, we chose an appropriate carpet to reflect the ocean.

The rule of thumb is that the furniture should not float around the carpet. It should be on the edge of the carpet or wholly contained, depending on the size of the carpet. Refer to the illustration below.



The mantle pieces are often where a visitor’s attention turns to first and you should make a statement with your choices. The beautiful, calming painting in the background is adorned by cranes on both ends. In the middle a shell curio completes the visual interest of the mantle.

In keeping with the theme, we selected comfortable, white chairs that rotated 360 degrees, representing the freedom you experience on a beach.


Nook Under the Stairs


I loved the conspicuously large blue glass jars and used it for the first time as a floor-piece, which added color to the space. The ottomans on either sides, provide additional seating. They are not just good to look at, they are pretty functional as well – the hollow ottomans can be used to store nick-knacks. You can find these ottomans at your neighborhood or online retailers, as well as galleries.






The dining room had red accent walls. It is always nice to break the monotony of the surrounding spaces with wall treatments or wall-accents. Here we have used mirror murals coordinating the colors of the table-runners and chargers. You can add pendant chandeliers over your dining table – you should be able to see your delicious meal in all its glory after all.

Table chargers are trendy alternatives to place-mats. As a bonus, they are much easier to clean! Table runners can replace conventional table cloths and allow for a center-piece if you so desire.




My clients were well-travelled and they wanted to have a space to capture those memories. Interspersed with pieces that represent travel, we have several photographs from places around the world. Consider placing all your photos in a single space rather than dispersing them around the house.


Featured Image Source: Pixabay

Author: Nithi Thillaivanam – Interior Designer


I have had a keen interest in interior design and helped several of my friends set up their lovely homes. Eventually, I wanted to make a career out of my passion, and started my own company last year, Kreative Spaces. I am currently pursuing my Associates Degree in Interior Design at Bellevue College.

I believe that every home should represent the personality of its occupants, which inherently makes them unique. All of my design concepts are minimalistic yet chic . . . interspersed with practical ideas melding form and function to create the home that truly feels personal.

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