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Meenal’s Fitness Mantra!

Fitness Mantra that motivates me to work out and stay fit.

We all are aware that as the new year hits, everyone tends to make a list of their new year resolutions and one of the highly sought-after resolutions set by people each year is to ‘Stay Fit’.

I am a systematic gym goer and I do not have to set any fitness resolution as I am consistent in my workout schedule throughout the year. My resolution leans more towards the new techniques that I plan on learning or trying every year.

Majority of the people follow the resolution by signing up for a gym membership. But there is a big disparity between signing up and showing up in the gym to workout.  A good percentage of people attain nirvana just by the fact that they now have an official gym membership 🙂 In all due excitement, they would try their best to greet a hello to each equipment in the gym for the first few days. And then comes the dry days where the gym gets into a ‘Long Time, No see’ state. The only difference is that gym cannot really communicate with you and send you “I miss you, where have you been” messages. If there was an app created by these fitness institutions to send lovely messages to users and entice them to come to the gym often, it would be a great seller!


Consistent Fitness Schedule

Everyone plans on creating their own Fitness Mantra and I have one of my own called as ‘Consistent Fitness Schedule’ which I have abbreviated as the CFS model. I will get into the details of CFS model shortly but before that, let us understand how ‘STAY FIT’ slogan has its own transition cycle. This slogan stays strong for the first month and then it breaks down into the following:

S= Slacker. You slack once, slack twice and then become proud of slacking day by day. You cannot afford to slack on the days that you have committed as per your gym schedule.

T= Timing issues. The best excuse is that you have ‘No time’ left in a 24 hour day cycle to spare time for the gym. We all know this one and we know the choice we make instead of the gym. That choice is called ‘Netflix’

A= Assumptions. We assume that no one else is working out and that everyone else is enjoying their life, so we tend to slow down and take a chill. All wrong assumptions.

Y= Yawn on gym time. It seems that every time your mind thinks about working out and sweating out in the gym, your brain wants to take a nap right before it. If you yawn before gym time and jump on to bed, then you know that on that day your workout is gone for a toss.

F= Fat never goes away. A lot of people just say that they do everything that they can in terms of working out and eat clean but their stubborn fat will never go away. Hmm, that theory does not make sense. If you work out hard enough, your fat is the first spot that gets attacked

I= Irritated. Out of 7 days in a week, most of us are irritated for at least 4 days and it is due to work stress, personal life stress and other interpersonal relation stress. If being irritated is a part of your daily life, then remove that irritation in the gym or while working out instead of getting lazy on the couch and using the couch excuse to de-stress.

T= Tired. In the 21st century, most of us have the same 8 hour work life, so it is obvious that we all will get tired after a long day of work. But the truth is that your body is designed to only sleep for 8 hours which means that you can still workout post work hours or early in the morning without actually being exhausted

Now, how to ensure that we actually stay put on the real meaning of ‘Stay Fit’. This is where the CFS model comes into play which focuses on maintaining a consistent schedule and staying on top of it to get results. Consistency is the key when it comes to any art that you practice or anything you pursue that you need instant results on. Setting up a gym schedule is like setting up your body clock. If you consistently wake up every morning on the same time, then your body clock remembers it and automatically wakes you up without a need of an alarm. We all can relate to this. Similarly, you have to set up a gym clock where your body gets used to working out every day. It pretty much means that your mind automatically pushes you in the workout zone at the same time every day.

I work as a product manager by profession, part time model/actor and Former Miss India Seattle USA 2016, so one can imagine that I have work meetings starting from morning as we have to accommodate for all time zones and my weekends are occupied with photoshoots/fashion shows. It is hard for me to wake up early morning to work out and then rush into meetings. Hence, I have my schedule set for workouts right after office. I have a gym bag that I carry every morning with me before I leave for work. That allows me to go straight to the gym post work hours and there is no scope of me to see my bed area or my couch. Because once you are in the bed/couch zone, nothing is stopping you from sleeping.  I spend around 1.5 hours in the gym and I stay consistent from Monday to Friday. For any reason, if I have had to skip a day in between then I would work out on a Saturday to offset it.

My gym body clock is set in a way that if I do not get to go to the gym for a happy hour meeting or a friends meet up, then I feel bad about it. So I have announced my meet up timings to my friend circle and all of them are aware that I cannot be called for a meet up in my gym hour slot. If they happen to meet early, I tend to finish my work out and grab my protein shake to join them later. The reason I grab a protein shake is because I would be the most hungry person on earth post workout and if it is a dinner meeting, then I would end up eating all bad calories to curb my post workout hunger. To avoid wasting the time investment in my workout, I would rather first gulp my shake and then eat in a smart manner.

Being a vegetarian, it is hard to see instant results but with consistency I do see great results from my workouts. I spend the first 5 minutes to warmup by running on a treadmill and then I immediately jump into the weight lift area. It is a wrong notion that women do not need to do weight lifting. Weight lifting is the most important part in getting results. I do not go crazy with weight lifts as my goal is to tone the body but, in my opinion, a woman can easily lift anywhere between 10 lbs to 25 lbs to tone biceps, triceps. And, I promise that you will not look masculine.

My Mondays are reserved for Biceps & Triceps, Tuesdays are my Chest, Shoulder and Back days, Wednesdays are my strenuous leg workout days and then I repeat Monday’s and Tuesday’s schedule on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday are my rest days but that does not mean that they are automatically eligible as cheat days. I still try to eat clean on these days. After completing weight lifts, I jump on the treadmill to run for 3 miles and I do it in a dramatic manner. I run for good 2 minutes on 6.5 speed and then cool down for 1 min at 3.5 speed. I then run again for 2 minutes at 6.8 speed and then cool down again for a minute. I pretty much do this until I complete 3 miles. This is called the HIT training (High intensity interval training). At times, I tweak my cardio by getting into a body pump or body attack class which is a free class that every gym provides. At times, I do not realize that I have spent more than 2 hours in the gym. It is a lifestyle and once you are set in the working out lifestyle, then you thoroughly enjoy it yourself. If you are a person who cannot work out on your own, then find a gym partner.

Let me now explain how I follow the CFS model.



C= Consistent.

As mentioned above, consistency is the key. You not only have to be consistent in your fitness schedule but also be consistent in your eating timings. Eating right is very important but eating right at the right time is more important. If you like to eat breakfast at 8 am in the morning every day, then follow that schedule. Try to eat lunch at the same time every day.

F= Fitness

At intervals, I like to learn new fitness exercises by signing up with a trainer or getting a new workout partner. I also watch fitness videos to learn new exercises. It is good to have variations in your exercises so that your body does not get used to a particular exercise and develop resistance for it.

S= Schedule

At times, it is hard to stick to a schedule to maintain calories and to work out on time. To combat that, I launched an app called Lifestyle Tracker (free android app) so that users can set up reminders on the foods they should eat daily and the time they should follow to stay fit. The app by default gives users few set of tiles that are important for users to stay fit at work and to follow schedule timely. This app was designed keeping in mind busy office goers who get busy at work and forget to eat on time, drink enough water. While beta testing for 6 months, we noticed that users of the app lost weight just by following the reminders on the app.

By default, the app offers the following tiles with preset timings based on doctor’s recommendation:

Wake up (To allow users to wake up on time based on doctors recommended wake up time),

Breakfast (There is a time for breakfast that one should follow to kick metabolism throughout the day and the app reminds you on that time),

Green Tea ( Doctors say that a person should drink green time approx. 4 times a day for a healthy metabolism, so this app reminds you at intervals to drink green tea while you are at work),

Water (We all know that we need to drink at least 8 cups a day but we forget to follow it. The app covers you on that),

Fruits (Doctors recommend a fruit bowl a day and the app reminds you to eat it at the right time),

Lunch (Did you know that one should have lunch at the right time to kick metabolism, the app reminds you on that right time),

Workout (You can set up a workout reminder time for yourself based on your work schedule)

Dinner  (Early dinner helps you to burn fat and does not store fat. The app reminds you on the exact time that one should have diner by),

CYOT (Create your own tile)

This is one of the best option provided. This allows you to create your own reminders where you can create a tile for medicine reminders, smoothie reminders or nay other custom reminder that the app does not offer)

The app sends soft notifications on the phone to remind on the task. If one misses it, then their daily graph shows all of the healthy reminders that were missed. If you followed it all, then you can mark it as ‘Done’ once completed and the app updates the status to ‘Done’. As far as you are following your fitness schedule along with the reminders the app sends, you will be able to follow a consistent scheduled and will be able to reach your fitness goals.

Download the app today by installing on your phone:

Watch Lifestyle tracker youtube video:


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LifeStyle Tracker App


LifeStyle Tracker App


I truly hope that this article helps you to stay fit and stay consistent in your fitness goals this year. Please visit to read more on my new workout plans!

Doing weights!


At the gym!


At the gym, doing weights!


Author: Meenal Drock


Meenal is a corporate woman, entrepreneur, model, food blogger, dance & runway choreographer  and a fashionista who believes that if you are passionate about your goals in life then you can achieve it. I strongly believe in working hard, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balancing work life with other stress buster activities and understanding your inner beauty to reflect it on the outside. I like to stay busy for 16 hours in a day and always focus on getting a good return on every time investment.

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