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Ketaki Kale’s, Naadanam, a wholesome approach to dance!

Ketaki and Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts

Ketaki is a professional Indian classical dancer, teacher & choreographer and has been running her dance institute, Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts for over a decade. She started Naadanam in India and has continued after moving to Seattle. She is very passionate about dance and also about other kinds of Indian Arts & Culture too!

Ketaki believes that fitness is an integral part of her routine and more than that, her performing arts! Being a dancer, she understands the importance of nurturing our body since an early age and also understands that flexibility, stamina and endurance are all equally important and hence started training in various fitness forms and dance forms too.  She completed her Masters degree in Bharatanatyam with years of dedication to this classical dance form. And simultaneously, she also learnt many other dance forms ranging from Contemporary, Jazz, Bollywood, Semi-classical, Afro- Jazz, Belly dancing to Indian regional folk forms like Bhangra, Garba-Dandiya, Jaagar-Gondhal of Maharashtra, Rouf of Kashmir, Ghoomar, Bihu of Assam, etc. Each dance form is unique in itself with its beautiful postures, stances, foot work and gestures! Apart from these vibrant dance forms,  she loves and has also trained in yoga, dance aerobics, zumba, floor exercises, cardio workouts and aqua-aerobics. Every dance class conducted by her starts with a workout session targeted towards body toning. 

Ketaki is a trained dance movement therapist and conducts movement therapy sessions for the specially abled kids (with down syndrome, autism, learning disabilities, etc). She has had experience conducting therapy sessions with such kids for 7 years in India.

She specializes in coaching Indian Classical & Folk styles. She believes in systematic focus on learning the intricacies of various postures.

Ketaki believes in the holistic power of dance and has designed a holistic training module that is a well balanced blend of academic and practical training in the classical Bharatanatyam art form. This training module facilitates a well- balanced and well-rounded development of the dancer with mastery on pure posture and perfect technique. A wider perspective of dance is given with insights into its artistic significance. Senior students of Naadanam are provided teacher’s training and are offered  opportunities to gain experience as an associate teacher in schools and various branches of the institute.

Students are also taught various Indian folk forms like – Jaagar Gondhal of Maharashtra, Gidda Bhangra of Punjab, Bihu  of Assam, Rouf of Kashmir, Kummi of  Kerala, Garba Dandiya of Gujarat, Ghoomar of  Rajasthan and many more to introduce them to the rich and vibrant region wise culture of India!

Naadanam academy offers unique workshops in Indian dance styles, contemporary dance styles, fitness & dance therapy. Naadanam has received great appreciation from the participants and institutions like FLAME, Fergusson College, St.Miras & many private and corporate groups.

More about Dance Movement Theraphy

Ketaki has been using Dance Movement therapy sessions for special needs kids. This is a modern technique for the benefit of children with autism, downs syndrome, mental retardation, physical disability & other syndromes. The aim is to apply therapeutic elements of dance to make them relax, enjoy and get to react to music & rhythm. She was associated as a dance therapist with a couple of remedial centers in India. A short clipping about dance therapy was telecasted recently on the Hathaway TV channel. Few students of Dance therapy have excelled and taken dance certifications and also performed solo!

Fitness Dancing for Women

Ketaki teaches fitness dancing for women. She believes that dance empowers body, mind and spirit. In today’s fast paced world, women have to shoulder multiple responsibilities and are often stressed out. Dance, in such a case, is a creative relief as well as physical exercise.

Considering this, Naadanam has come up with a special batch exclusively for ladies- dancers and non-dancers. It’s a package where many dance styles like Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba – Dandiya, Jazz, Contemporary, Semi-classical, Indian folk, Belly dancing, etc are taught from basics to their choreography, along with zumba, dance aerobics, yoga, floor exercises, abs & cardio work-outs and meditation.

The response has been tremendous. Every single woman enjoys this quality time to the fullest and goes home happy and at peace with herself and the world.

Naadanam conducts unique research & theme-based dance ballets. The shows have been widely appreciated for its concepts, theme, research, choreography, music & the grandeur with specially designed costumes. Special feature is that, these shows are completely different from the beaten down path of either pure classical or bollywood based dances. While retaining the purity,  these shows offer fresh & entertaining approach by selecting appropriate dance style to suit the piece.  It is therefore no wonder that these shows have received great appreciation by experts, have attracted everyone (non-dancers and dancers) & has also received wide coverage by the media.


International Performances & Awards

Ketaki and her disciples have represented India in the Grand Cultural Festival in 2012 held in China, and won the Award of Excellence in this prestigious global event in China. They have performed in Dresden, Germany. They have also won 5 National Awards at All India Dance Competitions.


Ketaki has been a visiting faculty for the performing Arts students at FLAME University. In the past, she was as a faculty for dance with Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao  High School, The Rosary School, The DSK school. 

Seattle Area folks are truly lucky to have such a talented, well qualified and humble dance guru teaching all these various dance forms!

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