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Ketaki Kale: Cultivating love for performing arts in her students through Naadanam

This is what dance means to Ketaki. She says “Some call it “dancing”. I call it “Life”.

Ketaki Kale is an accomplished and passionate dancer who dances and teaches various Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Garba, Ghoomar, Dandiya and Pinga. She has also been working as a dance movement therapist. She started learning dance since she was four and believes that she is still a student of dance and the learning never stops for her.

She says “the dance journey for me has been incredible, beautiful and very satisfying and the most beautiful part is when I see my students learning, growing and being passionate about dance”. She believes she has had an enriching experience with dance overall, inspite of various obstacles. She loves to dance, choreograph and to teach dance to students who are interested in it and cultivate love for dance in them.

Ketaki’s dance journey goes back to when she was 4 years old. Her parents recognized her love for dance and enrolled her in Bharatanatyam classes. Her family moved often and lived in different places in India as her father was in a transferrable job but dance was one thing that was constantly there in her life.
When they moved to a new place she would be more keen on finding a new dance teacher than on finding a new school!

Naadanam, Ketaki’s dance school was founded in 2005. It started off with just three students. There was a time when Ketaki had to pay more rent for the venue than the money she earned from teaching dance. It took a while for her to break even her expenses. This made her doubt if she had chosen the right path for her life since along with having a bachelor’s and master’s degree in dance she also has a bachelors and master’s in commerce and was training to become a CPA. She is a recipient of India’s National Eligibility Test Certification too.

But her love for dancing and the support from her parents kept her going. Her parents supported her and emphasized on excelling in what ever she was doing and not settling for anything ordinary.
Her parents always say “Even if you are teaching just a couple of students, it is OK, but make sure you are giving them quality dance education and cultivating the love and passion for dance in them.

Fast forward 15 years, Naadanam has now grown from 3 students to several branches and batches across the world. The school is listed in international who’s who of dance by the international dance council working under UNESCO.

Naadanam is affiliated to India’s Tilak Maha University, which gives an opportunity to students to prepare and take up certification exams. These exams are regularly conducted (virtually) for non resident Indian students. Many students have taken these exams and have received certification from the university. Naadanam’s bharatanatyam dance lessons align with the syllabus approved by this university. Necessary practice videos and theory notes are provided to the students. It is a very well planned program which covers all aspects of learning Bharatanatyam.

Ketaki started teaching dance in 2005 in India. She moved to the US after her marriage and started providing dance lessons in the greater Seattle area. She also continued teaching her students in India through virtual classes.

When Covid-19 hit in 2020 she was already equipped with the tools to conduct online classes for her students located in several parts of the world in USA, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Singapore and India. Now Naadanam has students of various age groups ranging from ages 5 to 55 spread across the world in more than 10 cities and 4 countries. Many women who had no background in dance started learning dance through Naadanam’s online lessons in 2020.

Apart from Bharatanatyam, Ketaki also conducts workshops in various Indian dance forms every month along with fitness Bollywood dance classes.

To find out more about Naadanam visit the website. Link posted below and also visit the facebook page:

Naadanam website: Nadaanam Academy of Performing Arts
Naadanam’s facebook page: Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts | Facebook
Naadanam’s Youtube link: Naadanam Academy

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