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How artist Shweta Shetty uses her platform, RangSparsh, as a creative outlet and a way to donate to local NGOs.

I am a Finance professional working at an MNC based out of Thane, Mumbai. It has been four years since I picked up an old hobby to relax over the weekends after a stressful work week. I realized that a sunday afternoon spent bent over my canvases and paints would leave me refreshed to tackle a Monday. However, there was always a void within me and a nagging feeling which made me think of ways to leverage my art for a greater cause. And, that is how Rangsparsh was conceptualized.

RangSparsh is my initiative to help the society through art. Through this platform, I hope to give back to the society and help you do so through my art. It is not an NGO but an Art Gallery, where you add a ‘touch of color’ to your life by selecting from a variety of my unique paintings and thereby making a difference in the lives of those who are not so privileged, as the
proceeds of your purchase reach the NGO of your choice.

“Cherish your walls with delightful paintings and at the same time spread smiles to the less fortunate”

Shweta Shetty with her painting
Shweta Shetty working on her Abstract painting
Beautiful Abstract Painting
Colorful Ganesha!
Pink Floral Art
Shiva Painting

About the NGOs that Rangsparsh supports:

There are several small NGOs who strive to make a difference and who are executing several impactful projects for alleviating the difficulties of the underprivileged sections of the society in far-off rural and suburban areas. But these NGOs are never in the limelight and therefore have extremely limited supply of donation in cash or kind. For them, every little donation counts. Even the smallest of donation really matters for their existence. And this precisely was the reason for selecting these grass root level NGOs on the Rangsparsh platform as beneficiaries for your kind donation.

Beautiful blue sky painting
Another beautiful sky painting
Awesome Traditional Art!

How does your purchase turn into donation?

Once you select the painting(s) that delights you the most, you have the option to select the NGO towards which your payment should be transferred. After you make the payment towards the NGO, you will receive an acknowledgement of the donation received directly from the NGO. Note that a small fee will be deducted from the donation to organize the shipping and handling of the painting on your behalf. I am supporting several small organizations as listed below. Please note that not all of them can issue a the 80G certificate in turn for your donation. Here are some of the NGOs I support:
Anugrah Seva Mandal
Vatsalya Trust
Vidyarthi Mitra

Author: Shweta Shetty

Shweta Shetty is an artist who resides in Mumbai, India. She is also a finance professional and works full time for a MNC. She is passionate about painting. She founded Rangsparsh.
Rangsparsh operates on a non profit basis and through this platform she sells her paintings and also donates all the profits she has earned to local NGOs.
Whatsapp: 9820082840
Check out more of Shweta’s paintings posted on her Instagram. Instagram ID is rangsparsh_

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