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How artist Shweta Shetty uses her platform, RangSparsh, as a creative outlet and a way to donate to local NGOs.

I am a Finance professional working at an MNC based out of Thane, Mumbai. It has been four years since I picked up an old hobby to relax over the weekends after a stressful work week. I realized that a sunday afternoon spent bent over my canvases and paints would leave me refreshed to tackle a Monday. However, there was always a void within me and a nagging feeling which made me think of ways to leverage my art for a greater cause. And, that is how Rangsparsh was conceptualized.

RangSparsh is my initiative to help the society through art. Through this platform, I hope to give back to the society and help you do so through my art. It is not an NGO but an Art Gallery, where you add a ‘touch of color’ to your life by selecting from a variety of my unique paintings and thereby making a difference in the lives of those who are not so privileged, as the
proceeds of your purchase reach the NGO of your choice.

“Cherish your walls with delightful paintings and at the same time spread smiles to the less fortunate”

Shweta Shetty with her painting
Shweta Shetty working on her Abstract painting
Beautiful Abstract Painting
Colorful Ganesha!
Pink Floral Art
Shiva Painting

About the NGOs that Rangsparsh supports:

There are several small NGOs who strive to make a difference and who are executing several impactful projects for alleviating the difficulties of the underprivileged sections of the society in far-off rural and suburban areas. But these NGOs are never in the limelight and therefore have extremely limited supply of donation in cash or kind. For them, every little donation counts. Even the smallest of donation really matters for their existence. And this precisely was the reason for selecting these grass root level NGOs on the Rangsparsh platform as beneficiaries for your kind donation.

Beautiful blue sky painting
Another beautiful sky painting
Awesome Traditional Art!

How does your purchase turn into donation?

Once you select the painting(s) that delights you the most, you have the option to select the NGO towards which your payment should be transferred. After you make the payment towards the NGO, you will receive an acknowledgement of the donation received directly from the NGO. Note that a small fee will be deducted from the donation to organize the shipping and handling of the painting on your behalf. I am supporting several small organizations as listed below. Please note that not all of them can issue a the 80G certificate in turn for your donation. Here are some of the NGOs I support:
Anugrah Seva Mandal
Vatsalya Trust
Vidyarthi Mitra

Author: Shweta Shetty

Shweta Shetty is an artist who resides in Mumbai, India. She is also a finance professional and works full time for a MNC. She is passionate about painting. She founded Rangsparsh.
Rangsparsh operates on a non profit basis and through this platform she sells her paintings and also donates all the profits she has earned to local NGOs.
Whatsapp: 9820082840
Check out more of Shweta’s paintings posted on her Instagram. Instagram ID is rangsparsh_

53 thoughts on “How artist Shweta Shetty uses her platform, RangSparsh, as a creative outlet and a way to donate to local NGOs.

  1. I really loved this concept. Appreciate the way you manage and give ur 100 percent with successful result always. Ur paintings frames a real picture in front. And I am happy I have one with me

    1. Rangsparsh the art with beautiful combination of colours in it which gets more attractive when it is seen each colours which say something Best of luck for your art and help NGO from your good work

  2. Such a Nobel thought and a great initiative by my childhood friend. In this money hungry and self centered world, she is spending her time, money and energy for some less fortunate ones who are nowhere related to her. What an incredible act. So proud of you Shweta. Super stuff and keep it up. God bless you.

  3. “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person”. With this noble cause you are not just helping one person but many and indeed changing their world. I am so proud to have a friend like you. It’s really commendable. Our best wishes will always be there with you. May success follow you all your life. God bless you.

  4. First of all you are multi tasking and very talented …secondly helping someone with talent u have will take you very ahead in life..Everyone have talent or skills but using for right direction is important…I have seen all ur paintings and they are amazing…will surely ask my friends too to check this and whenever any interiors are happening for home will share your reference..Again God bless you and very much proud.

  5. There is nothing more beautiful than you going out of your way to make life beautiful for others. I am blessed to have a kind freind like you.All the BEST

  6. An amazing initiative taken to turn ur hobby into a social cause..
    Beautiful and nicely framed painting which is not less than a masterpiece decorating my drawing room.
    Kudos to you dear…..!!

  7. Such an amazing thought of giving back to society through this unique way. Your philanthropic commitment has always inspired many and Rangsparsh has taken this to next level. All your paintings are awesome and speaks out the emotions. Best wishes for this noble cause & success ahead!

  8. I am so so proud of her achievement. I have learnt the art of Giving from her. She has contributed so much to this noble cause and this motivates me to join her noble cause. She has channelized her talent in the best way.

  9. Noble cause! Nice to way channelise your passion for a social cause. And off course your creativity is worth the mention. Keep rocking!!

  10. “All we need is the build Human Relations with our Deeds. That’s The Only Thing That Lasts Forever” Keep up your Flawless Art & The Great Work Going! Shweta you are really hitting your Stride! Good Luck Your Way! Stay Blessed!

  11. Proud of You ! The work you with colors is just amazing. And always trying to challenge yourself with new ideas to sketch is inspiring . Wishing you all the best for your good achievements.

  12. I am so happy for Shweta…she had used her passion for a noble cause…I am privileged to be associated with her…she has been humble and had supported us during the lockdown for helping the needy people…

    I wish her all the success..I am always available for any work Shweta…

  13. This is very appreciable efforts and using your skills and creativity to support the unprivileged is great ! The paintings are very unique and gives that pleasant experience
    My best wishes always !

  14. This is incredible art work and more importantly this is going for a good cause. Never thought a mere forgotten hobby can be utilised in such a beautiful manner. Kudos to you to remove time from your hectic schedule and manage to do all these. I wish you all the best to you and Rangsparsh and may you reach even greater heights!

  15. It’s great & unique concept to follow the passion while being a helping hand…keep it up my dearBest wish to you & your RangSparsh.

  16. This is a wonderful initiative and you are blessed with such an amazing Talent. Giving back to society is rare act, but am so impressed with your commitment and dedication in helping others. Wish you good luck and success ahead.

  17. Such a noble deed of giving back to the society keep up the good work Shweta. May Rangsparsh scale newer heights.

  18. Rang Sparsh♥️♥️
    Shwetu best wishes n dher saara pyaaar to your new initiative … crossing my figures n hoping everyone can bring n sparsh the real rang of it.. the rang of your passion.. the rang of your creativity.. the rang of your noble cause… loved it..

  19. Rang Sparsh♥️♥️
    Shwetu best wishes n dher saara pyaaar to your new initiative … crossing my figures n hoping everyone can bring n sparsh the real rang of it.. the rang of your passion.. the rang of your creativity.. the rang of your noble cause… loved it..

  20. Really beautiful paintings. You are an inspiration to everyone. The way you take time from your busy schedule and creat these wonderful paintings is really awsome.
    Keep up the good work, eagerly waiting for more from you.

  21. It’s wonderful to see how your kind idea has blossomed into a full fledged social initiative. Glad to be associated with RangaSparsh, in a small way. Best wishes for your future endeavours at RangaSparsh. May it grow multifold and keep living up to its core mission – adding a “touch of colour” to the lives of those not so privileged.

  22. A Nobel thought with unique idea is RangSparsh, its really awesome Shweta. Your all paintings are beautifull and the awareness of social responsibility is making them so special and awesome. God bless you dear.

  23. Indeed a noble cause, Shweta always had that ….to help the less fortunate kids. I remember she used to teach those poor kids at signal during weekends.
    And Rangsparsh is a out of the box initiative by her while pursuing her interest.
    Proud of you dear. Keep up the good work.

  24. Awesome drawing and soo vibrant!!! Loved the patterns a lot! Great work for such a noble cause !!! All the best and keep growing your page! ❤️

  25. I know her ,she is very hard working and helpful in nature,doing social work from many years.
    Presently working forNGO and makes fund for them using Rangspardh platform.Have a excellent collection through hobby.Best wishes for her social work.

  26. Amazing Initiative. It is so good to see a finance professional turn to a artist ‍ and with that bringing out such a thoughtful idea to serve the society. Kudos !

  27. Rangsparsh is a fantastic concept. The Art gallery has beautiful paintings. It feels that artist has drawn out your mind. I have got the painting of flower window exactly as I imagined my window with flowers. Its commendable Shweta that you put a lot of efforts for the benefit of society. Keep it up..!! All the Best..!!

  28. Great Job Shweta . All your paintings are awesome. Such a noble thought and I liked the name “Rangasparsh” it is really unique. Your contribution towards the society is really appreciable.

  29. Lovely art. You are truly artist by your work and heart. The way of donating to needy people with handling day to day chores is outstanding. Keep up the good work. I m blessed to have you as best friend in my life.

  30. It is so inspiring how you are contributing to society through your beautiful paintings with no profit motive. It is amazing to see people like you in the world who are using their creativity to make a difference. Keep it up!!

  31. Wonderful initiative by my childhood friend. It’s really awesome paintings with great motive. The way of donating needy people by taking time from busy schedule is really commendable.keep up the good work Shweta.

  32. Shweta is very talented and creative, formation of Rangsparsh is milestone that reflects the same.. Your paintings reflects your passion and dedication for giving back to the society. All your paintings are so smoothing to the eyes. Best wishes for Rangsparsh, I am confident it will be very successful.

  33. Giving back to society with executing your hobby is a brilliant idea. Shweta conceptualize this idea so well and playing vital role in building the future.

  34. Shweta, you’re doing a great job and so proud of you. Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring me and many more ☺️

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