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Healthy and Colorful Mini Uttapams ( Kids School Lunch Idea)!

As a mom of two school going kids,  I am always thinking of what to make for their snack gfi boxes. Something that is healthy and appealing to them. This is a super hit recipe in my house loved by my boys and their classmates too!

Dosa batter:  2 cups.
Grated carrots:  1/4 cup.
Finely chopped onions:  1/4 cup.
Grated beetroot:  1/4 cup.
Chopped mixed nuts:  1/4 cup.
Chopped spinach:  1/4 cup.
Chopped Cilantro leaves:  1/4 cup.
Optional Chutney powder:  2 Table spoons.





Method Of Preparation:
Heat a pan (tawa).

Spread a laddle full of batter into a thick circle if you are using regular tawa (I used a special circle shaped pan, shown in the image, and poured batter into each circle).

Sprinkle each batter circle with a different topping. Add oil on both sides and cook in medium flame till well browned.

Take the colorful Utappams into a serving plate and sprinkle little chutney powder.

Your colorful, healthy, easy mini Utappams are ready that can be served with chutney or sambar! Enjoy!




Author: Gayathri Vamsi


Gayathri is originally from India. She lived abroad for more than a decade. She spent 8 years in Seattle, USA before relocating to Bangalore (Namma Bengaluru!). As a mother of two young boys, she juggles between multiple roles and responsibilities. She is passionate about getting a sense of accomplishment in anything she deals with. She is very keen on providing fresh and nutritional food to her family. She believes that the ability to triumph begins with you! Cooking, Churning easy Indian recipes and fusion recipes, Teaching, Emceeing and actively participating in giving back to Society are where her heart lies in.

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