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For Folks whose employers continue to pay them: Here are some small ways to help the world during Covid-19

We are treading difficult times. The next few months will be crucial to determine how we fare as a society and an economy.

Due to the city lockdowns, there are many restraunts, salons, and a lot of other small businesses which had to either temporarily or permanently shut down in various places across the world.

That means, most of those people who worked there are now jobless.

In my opinion, there are some ways in which folks whose employers are continuing to pay them can help the society, in this kind of situation.

If your employer hasn’t stopped paying you,

Please continue to sponsor the smaller businesses and self-employed in whatever ways you can. You could contribute by financially supporting your:

1. Children’s Nanny

2. House-help

3. Cleaners

4. Music teacher (even if they are unable to provide services).

5. Day care providers

It could mean paying the fees for your personal/group trainer or gym membership even if you’re not using it, or writing a check to the local coffee shop or restaurant even if you can’t visit it anymore or
buying take out food from your nearby favorite restaurant.
We may not be able to use these services regularly (or at all) over the next few months, but if we can afford to continue paying them through this period, we should do that.

Not hoard on groceries, medicines, masks and other essentials. Think about others who might really need it.
For those still continuing to get paid by their jobs, we are actually ending up saving some money by practicing social distancing and quarantining. We are saving up on gas/petrol, coffee, tea, lunch/dinner that we otherwise would have had outside. Please consider donating this amount to charity, in this time of dire need. Consider donating to local food banks which will then be able to provide meals to hundreds and thousands of families.

All these may seem extreme and our first instincts might tell us to be selfish at this time. But standing together and thinking about others might help us minimize the scars on the society and the economy through these tough times. Last, but not the least, take social distancing seriously and practice it regardless of whether you think it will help us directly or not. Be responsible citizens of this world.

Author: This post was inspired by Kunal Gandhi’s facebook post:

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