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Ethnic Indian and classy home décor by Poornima

Poornima Murthy lives in the greater Seattle area. She is a software engineer by profession and an interior design enthusiast at heart. Her home bursts with extremely beautiful, meticulous and awestriking design, décor and colors mainly rooted in Indian arts and culture. It’s an example of how you can transform a plain space to something so marvelous with your passion and creativity.

How did you come to the united states? for studies or as a dependent?

I moved here after marriage.

Living room
Living room

Have you always been passionate about interior design? tell us the story behind that.

My interest in décor started at an early age. I didn’t quite know what my style was then, I just loved setting up and decorating the house with beautiful things. My dad had a transferable job that made us move from one place to another and hence we had very few artifacts around the house. I used to enjoy rearranging the stuff we had and kept experimenting with it.
After marriage, I moved here and the first several years went by enjoying, exploring the new place and raising my child. When my son was old enough, I decided to continue my passion for décor, which grew over the period of time.

Family room
Dining area

Have you been trained formally in interior design?

No, I have not been trained formally. Several decor blogs, Pinterest, HGTV shows have inspired me 🙂

Poornima Murthy

Your designs look like they are rooted in traditional Indian arts and crafts. What inspires and motivates you to design?

My love for the rich heritage of art, crafts, and tradition of India inspires me and motivates me to decorate my house. I started collecting all kinds of antiques in wood, brass/vintage oleographs of Raja Ravi Varma and now my home is the treasure trove of Indian art and crafts. I love everything ethnic and I feel very happy when surrounded by bright colors. I feel that mixing old and new, rustic and contemporary is a sure-fire recipe for an exciting and eclectic interior.

Looks like you do a lot of DIY. How do you go about doing that?

I just like art and try to put in my creativity and love to explore 🙂

Foyer table

Show us your personal favorite.

My personal favorite is the Pichawai cow-themed chest.

Pichawai cow-themed chest

You also are in conventional employment as a software engineer. How do you balance your time between work, home, and your design passion?

I strongly believe that if you have an interest and passion to do something, you will always find the time and ways to do it 🙂 Luckily my current job does not require me to log in after-hours and my son is old enough to manage things on his own which gives me enough time to focus on my passion 🙂

Outdoor space

More of Poornima’s inspiring home design and décor ideas can be found on her Instagram page

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