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DIY Project: Foam Paper Bowl in 10 Minutes!

This is a craft idea to develop texture recognition in young children. These colorful containers were created from craft foam. They are very easy to make, lightweight baskets that you can make with your kids and can be used for storing their stationery, chocolates or jewelry.

Watch this DIY project to see how you can make a Foam Paper Bowl in 10 minutes!



Materials and Equipment:

A4 size foam sheets 2mm, 3mm or 5mm

Hand punch: I used a Martha Stewart heavy duty hand punch

String/ ribbon

Measuring ruler

Pencil & a pair of scissors


DIY Producer: Priyanka Mohanty


Motherhood has been an amazing journey so far; each day, an adventure of sorts. After a stint in marketing and marketing communications, I am currently a stay at home mom, blogger, traveller and chef. Never thought I would be happy to call myself a SAHM! Right now,  my 24/7 job is being a mom. I am here to share my thoughts and experiences on parenting, life and ways we could improve our lives. When I’m not reorganizing the drawers or handling tantrums, I can be found writing about health, nutrition, beauty and wellness. Also, I am an endangered bookworm who loves nothing more than finding the perfect solution to life’s little conundrums in books and nature.

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