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Diary of an Architect Villager, Minecraft Story, Part 2


Welcome to a new part of this journal 🙂

Ok, for a moment, let’s first go back to what I said from the last entry, winter is not the best time of the year. On the other hand, summer is my favorite time of the year because there is no school and second, you can have as much glistering melon juice whenever you want. My favorite of all, you can visit your cousins!

Every year, we have a tradition of going to the city and visiting them. My favorite cousin, who by the way I mentioned about in a past entry, is Brad. He is my younger cousin who is a year younger than me. He is so good at chess that he beats me most of the time. He also has a dog named Chin-Chin who is a chow puppy like Paw-Paw. Last time Brad and I met, we invited Mike with his family. His dog, Lola, had come. So as you know Chin-Chin and Lola hit it off. Those two are now best friends. Paw-Paw is also a good friend of Chin-Chin. In two days, the entire family will come for Christmas and we will stay at my third Uncle’s house until Sunday. This is a really rare occasion because the only time that happened was about 8 years ago when I was a baby. I look forward to seeing my cousins for Christmas.


Today is an exciting day! We are finally going to my Uncle’s house! His house is so big and has a huge movie room and an infinity pool. As you maybe be thinking about an infinity pool, it is very obvious that it is near a beach. It is now 10:00 AM as I am writing this. We are heading down to the dock around 10:15AM to the get on to one of my Uncle’s yachts. He lives in Sun Hills street, where most of the rich people in Beacon Town live. Even the Mayor lives there. Just like the mayor’s house, his house has guards around the area. Ok diary, I will be back with you in 30 minutes.

*Saturday (Even Later):

Ok, fast forward 30 minutes, we arrived at his house. Oh, I forgot to mention that on the boat ride, Brad was there! I was so glad to see him because it had been over a year since the last time I met him. Since my Uncle’s house has 25 rooms, we decided to sleep in one room, just the 2 of us. We arrived at the house and were greeted by my Uncles and Aunts. I was also eager to meet my Great-Granny Marcie. I haven’t seen her since the last time we all gathered. Ok then, tomorrow, I will update you on the things that we did today.


As I said in the last entry, I would fill you in on what we did last night. It is now 6:00 AM as I am writing this. Brad is also awake. I told him about my diary and how I am writing about this. I told him to keep this a secret because I never told my friends about this.

So last night, we got our Christmas presents from the Christmas tree in the house. I got a model of the tallest skyscraper in Minecraft. It was a model that I had to put together. Brad got a model of a Piglin Bastion Remnants. He also wants to be an architect like me and he is building Piglin Bastion Remnants. Also known as Bastions, these are structure homes to the Piglins.

Recently, the mayor ordered the best architects in our village to cooperate with the Piglin Elders to rebuild the Triad Bastion, a bastion in the Nether Waste Lands, home to hundreds and hundreds of Piglins. It is the size of four normal Bastions put together.

After we got our gifts, we played games like Monopoly Winter Edition and more. At 1, we all gathered together at the dining table and had lunch. We had baked potatoes, beetroot soup and best of all, the cake! My Uncle has some of the best chefs in the village, so he hired this guy to make a special cake with chocolate. After lunch, for about 30 minutes, we looked at some family photos of the past Christmas celebrations. We saw my Great-Granny Marcie in one of the photos. We also saw me when I was a baby. We even saw Paw-Paw when he was a small pup.

Later, we went outside and took our dogs for a walk and played with them. In the evening, we all went into the movie room and watched a Christmas movie. At 7:30, dinner was served and for dessert, we had the Gingerbread cake. It was so good. Apparently, none of the chefs could make it so good because this is a family recipe that dates back a very long time. I can’t tell you, sadly. That was exciting day, right? This entry may have been very long, but all of this was worth it, since it was Christmas.

*This will be continued in future articles.

Author: Amogh Munikote


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