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Diary of an Architect Villager, Minecraft Story-Part 1

*Saturday night

Like every night, before I go to bed, I read books about architecture. Yes, it will seem boring at first. But later, it will seem interesting.

My name is Max, and it is my dream to be an architect. I am most interested in skyscrapers, which the village I live in will never have because of the law that the town must have its culture and heritage to make it feel old-fashioned and yet have modern technology. Well, then I do not see the reason why skyscrapers can’t be old-fashioned yet modern. I mean, some buildings aren’t old-fashioned like Mayor SquareButton326’s house and Rich villager’s house. Hopefully, in the future when I am an architect, I can build skyscrapers. I will tell this to my parents tomorrow.

*Sunday morning

Last night, I had a dream about being an architect when I grew up and made the village’s tallest building. Today in the morning, I woke up to the sound of my dog barking. It’s name is Paw-paw the chow puppy, my favorite dog in the whole wide world. Turns out my parents asked Paw-paw to wake me up. This morning, for breakfast, we had pancakes and maple syrup fresh from the maple trees in the village. When I told my parents that I want to make skyscrapers in the village, they were stunned. I thought they were okay with that, but they told me that being a builder is OK but making skyscrapers will never happen because of the law. But then, my dad said there was hope. Apparently, he read on the newspaper that they were considering changing the law about the culture and heritage and let skyscrapers be built, but it was not official yet. Well other than that, tomorrow is my first day of 5th grade. So that is it for today. 

*Monday morning

It was my first day of 5th grade and I felt confident about how good I was going to do this year. Today there was good news that was going to change my life. Today, Mayor SquareButton326 came to our school and announced that the law had changed, and skyscrapers could be built in the village but only on one condition. The skyscrapers had to be built on a plot that was reserved, not in the old-fashioned part of the village. That was so good that it had totally changed my life. But there was more good news. He also mentioned that the top 5 students with the best building grades would get to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the village’s first skyscraper. I had to tell this to my parents after I got home. Today after school, I went to my BFF’s house. His name is Mike and he is the best person in the world. His parents are so nice that sometimes they offer a slice of cake they bake. Mike’s mom is a baker and his dad is a farmer, like my parents. Mike said he was also excited once he heard about it. We chatted on and on about it until my parents called me home. I told my parents about the news and they were happy that everything was good for me. So, today was a very good day for me.

*Tuesday Morning

Today, we had our first building class and it was interesting. We learned the basics of making a building: We needed a foundation, a source of metal for the bottom of the floor, and wood to make the walls, roof and floor. I already knew some of the stuff, but I had to learn a lot about the foundation and metal part at the bottom of the house. The foundation is what keeps the house together and the source of metal keeps the floorboards together. For homework, we were given wood planks and cobblestone. With those materials, we were to build a small shelter for 2 people. Oh, Mike was also in this class with me. And the teacher also said we would choose partners to help build the house. I obviously chose Mike, like always. We started designing after school. We made a drawing of the dimensions of the house.

*Wednesday (a month after the next)

It turns out that making a building was a lot harder than we expected. It took two months and a half to make the house. 1 month for the foundation, the rest time for the body and roof. Luckily, my dad had some experience with wood and other things. So, he helped us out in making the house. My dad had a friend who was a builder, so he asked him if he could help in making the house. He said yes and that was the best choice. With him, I was sure that the house would turn out good and it did. The dimensions were just right and after the house was made, We went to the furniture place and got beds, tables and more. Without their help, the house would have been sloppy. So, after the house was finished, we went to the ice cream place. Mike and I got a vanilla ore swirl and my dad and his friend got chocolate mousse. That hard work paid off. 


Today, I feel like just telling what has happened in the past 2 months rather than telling what’s happening now. So, nothing new was going on for the past month until Halloween. Mike and I had an enderman costume. A kid named Bumbi had rapper costume that was supposed to look like that rapper/DJ HouseOfDiscs, that guy who owns a very fancy home. And that kid who was a blacksmith wore a Frankenstein costume. After Halloween, there was not much going on until Thanksgiving. We had invited Mike and his family with his cousins, and we invited all our cousins. Even Paw-paw joined us with Mike’s pet, Lola the golden retriever. I really wanted to see Brad, my best cousin ever. We had pumpkin pie, a fruit salad with apples, watermelon, chorus fruit and more. We had an incredibly good time. And that’s pretty much it for now.


Today, we were getting graded for the houses we made. So, here is how our day went. I had waffles and maple syrup for breakfast. For lunch, I had pizza with tomato sauce from the tomatoes fresh from our farm. Then after recess, we went to the building classroom and the teacher started grading. We were to take pictures of the house from all directions and above and inside. After 20 minutes of observing, our teacher announced that the winner was…

Max and Mike!!! 

We were so happy that we could not stop thinking about it. All our other friends came to us and started cheering us on. Some kids even asked if they could help us out next time. We said we would think about it. After we got home, we told our parents about it and they were very happy. So that is it for today, a very good day.


Today, I went on a hike in the mountain side trail in the Acacia village. At 8 am, we got all our stuff that we needed like food, bags and more. We took Paw-paw with us, who was eager to see the village from above. Then about 30 minutes later, we started on the trail. We first took the subway (AKA the minecarts) to the acacia village. Next, we went to the trail next to a house with one of my friends, Felix, living there. From there, the journey started. We went up the hill until about 1 hour later, we stopped for lunch at the bottom of the hill. Mom had made a spaghetti bowl filled with stuff I like. That includes carrots, tomato sauce, and fresh cilantro foam. Paw-paw had a small apple pie without sugar or any sweetener and it was chewy, according to how he was eating. After lunch, we went for another 2 hours until we arrived back at the main village. Then we finally got home and told Mike all about the trail. I even brought Paw-paw with me. We enjoyed talking about it. We even had dinner at his house. Today was a big adventure, but at the same time, it was fun.

Author: Amogh Munikote
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