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Diary Of an architect villager, Minecraft Story- Part 1 Continued


Today, I am going to spend the entire day with Mike. Paw-paw would come with us to meet Lola. At about 10 in the morning, we met in the park. Mike asked what we could do. But I didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly, I got an idea. It was like being shot with a tipped arrow of Ideas V. We could do a race with our dogs. Mike and I were a team while Paw-paw and Lola were a team too. So, we started with that activity. My dad came for the countdown and we might win.

3… 2… 1… GO!!

We started out very good with the launch. But later, Paw-paw came in the lead. I have to say, Paw-paw is fast. As you know, the dogs won the game. Next, we went to the playground and did some kickball. If the ball went out of bounds, then Paw-paw or Lola would come and get it. Then, our parents called us for lunch. For lunch, we had mac and cheese. Mom made this and it was so good. Then, we went to Mike’s house and when we got there, Mike’s mom gave us lemon Popsicles that she made. We did a little bit of games like Uno, Go fish and other games. Then, at around 7 in the night, we went to my house with Mike’s family including Lola. We watched a movie until about 9:30. Then, we said bye to Mike and his family. I went to brush my teeth and I went into bed after having a good day with Mike.


Today, we had our first mining class. Our teacher was Mr. Morris, a person who had a family of miners. Today, we went over the basics of mining. The most basic rule of mining is to never dig straight up or down because if you mine down, you could run into a lava lake and if you mine up, you could run into falling gravel (or sand, if you are in the desert). Another rule was that always have fire resistance potions of any kind with you. Our potion supplier, Drinks of Glory, has all sorts of potions including night vision, swiftness and more. But they can only be used if you have a permit to use it. The school always is supplied with fire resistance, especially for the mining and combat. After lunch, we were taken to the school’s artificial mine, used for practice and other stuff. We were also given wooden pickaxes to practice mining on some of the parts. We were told that if any gravel was in sight, we had to let the teacher know immediately. After about 1 hour of practice, my arms felt like slime and after school, I went to Mike’s house and just talked until I was called home.


Today in building class, we learned some crafting recipes for furniture and other stuff. I met up with Mike at the building class at 9 am. The teacher told us that we were to work with our partners we had when we built the house. After we got that managed, we went to the school’s building studio. Apparently, we heard that the school paid 2000 emeralds for a 20 by 20 plot for the building studio. We also got crafting tables so we could craft the furniture. Once we arrived at the studio, we put down our crafting table next to our partner. For about an hour, the teacher explained to us some crafting recipes like bookshelves, beds, lanterns and more. After that, we were assigned places to try making a modern place. After an hour and a half of crafting and placing blocks, we finally made the place and it was beautiful. We had a sofa in front of a bookcase with a painting next to it. We also had a wall made of stripped spruce wood to make it look modern. Then, we had some shelves with more books and a few flowerpots with a poppy, dandelion and cornflower. Then in the kitchen, we had 3 stools made of dark oak wood and a counter made of smooth quartz. After the place was finished, we went to the teacher and told we were done. Then, he went to our place and observed it. Out teacher said that we did a good job with it. He also said we were dismissed from class and could go to our next class. I have a good feeling that we could be the best in this class.


Today, we got something very awesome. My dad said he was going to go the store to get this new thing known as a computer. It’s like redstone but more complex. It can be used to talk to people, play games and more. But he said he was going to use it for this thing known as online shopping. Basically, all you must do is press a button and you will get the thing in a few days or even a few hours. Then, someone will come to your door to give the items you ordered and you will receive some emeralds. It is THAT simple. Apparently, this company known as E-TEC made this cool invention. I don’t know if this advancement is good or not for the village, but soon enough, we will find out.


Today is the day where I test my skills and taste of furniture by helping my parents redesign the home to look nice. We were going to get some new furniture. Not just some furniture, but ones that really bring out the vibe of the house. Today, we went to this furniture store where my mom’s friend’s sister, Patty, worked. She is a very nice person who lives in hag-berry street, next to meadow park street, the neighborhood I live in. We were going to get basic stuff like bookshelves, tables, chairs and more. We got most of the stuff made with spruce and the rest with birch. We even got a cozy new bed for Paw-paw. After that, we looked at the things one more time and checked to see if it might look good. After about an hour and a half of looking around the place, We finally got the things we wanted and went home. So, I have to go now. I promise I will tell you how this has turned out.


Today, we finally finished taking out the old furniture and replacing it with the new stuff we got from the store. It turned out very good. We got a sofa made of black leather with white pillows. Originally, we had a brown sofa which looked very ugly and it was very dirty because we had it since I was born. We got a new coffee table made with polished blackstone. Blackstone is this new thing that was discovered in the nether. The nether is a dimension dubbed as “The land of fire”. Very few people are allowed in the nether. The nether is the underworld, a place where only people who were miners are allowed go. This was the same condition with The End when we discovered purpur blocks and chorus fruit in the end city. As I was saying about the blackstone, since very few miners go to the nether, it is considered rare for us because it rarely spawns anywhere. But only a handful of miners find a motherlode of blackstone in this place known as a piglin bastion. Apparently, the piglins have a high demand of gold and sometimes, they worship it. So, to get some blackstone from them, you must give them any form of gold (including armor). Then, the miners will come back to the overworld and craft the blackstone into furniture. That is one of the reasons why the taxes require gold. Speaking of money, the village upgraded from emeralds to these things known as credit cards. I can tell more about that tomorrow. Anyways, we got some other stuff like and craft birch stools for the counter and a dark oak dinner table with the chairs also made with dark oak. So tomorrow, I will tell you about what is going on in the village.

Author: Amogh Munikote


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