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Dependent Visa (H4/F2 Visa) – Opportunity to Pursue the Long Lost Interest.

dependent visa

Coming to a foreign country for work or study is a dream for many. But for some, it becomes inevitable to go to their dream land as a dependent/spouse on a dependent visa in which earning money is not possible. Eventually, we would try to get a job or go to school. Both of these take time as change of visa status is required.

But it doesn’t mean we have to sit inside the four walls and curse our signs for landing us here with restrictions 🙂  It is pretty common to feel frustrated and bored. Rather, this is the time for us to explore the new place and new life.

I would love to share some of the insights I have gained with this experience and what I do to try to keep myself occupied constructively and spend my time effectively.

Steps for Dependent Visa-

  • The first step to feel empowered is to obtain a driver’s license. Mobility gives the power to go wherever we want to. This would reinstate our original life to an extent.
  • The second thing is getting enrolled in the nearby library. It is not just a place with mere books and unlimited internet but also a hub where many activities are conducted. Depending on our interest, we can participate in different sessions. We might get a chance to meet and connect with other people with similar interests. It is a great way to make friends:)
  • We feel content when we do the job we love the most, no matter whether we get paid for it or not. If that’s true, why not volunteer? We just have to find the right organization and provide our services to them.
  • Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world. No one can prosper without it. To quench the thirst for knowledge, we can attend school to pursue higher education.
  • Apart from these, we can set targets/goals for ourselves and work towards it. Making  a to do list and trying to achieve these goals on day to day basis.
  • Slowly,  we can start taking responsibilities of managing home finances.
  •  This is the right time to reinvent your long lost interests/hobbies and follow them!
  • Explore new places around and learn about different cultures and beliefs.

These are just few ideas to make our today more interesting when we are working towards our better tomorrow 🙂

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Author: Mathangi Krishnakumar

dependent visa
Author of the blog- dependent visa

Mathangi Krishnakumar is originally from Tamil Nadu, India.  After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and working as a Software Engineer/Systems Architect in India for a few years, she moved to USA in 2015. She is passionate about her Career, Photography, Traveling and Baking. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, she loves reading good books and gardening!

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