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Creative and Passionate: Meet Prity Kohli Arora, a qualified Civil Engineer turned Interior designer.

Prity Kohli Arora lives with her family in Ireland. She studied Civil Engineering from Bangalore University, Interior designing from University of the Arts London and Vastu from Mahavastu. She now runs her own Interior design business which is registered as Prity Interiors, and is based out of Ireland!

When did you come to Ireland?

We came to Ireland in Aug 2012 from Gdansk, Poland. We loved the beauty of this place and the fact that the temperature here doesn’t fall to sub zero was a great relief for the tropical beings like us.
No wonder this place has given birth to poets and artists. This place is heaven on earth when you start exploring!

Prity Kohli Arora

What were your initial challenges while getting adjusted to a new environment?

I guess we didn’t take long to adjust and the fact that we could find immense similarities between India and Ireland, made us feel like we are home.

What was your inspiration to start your Interior design business?

When we came, initially, by chance we rented a house which was a house designed by a very well known Interior designer ‘Nuala Horgan’. This house had a view of wonderful meadows in front and a beautiful stream nearby. This beauty inspired me to get in touch with a local enterprise in Ireland with the online design concept. I got trained on ‘starting my own business’ with them and realized it’s best to wait till I get my citizenship for this dream foundation to be laid. Dependent visa holders, unfortunately, during that time weren’t allowed to work.
I started working on my own house and making many changes to the basic design, with the builders and loved the process.
The result of it was a great beautiful nest. I am presently working on an Airbnb project for my Italian client here.

Here below are some pictures of Prity’s projects:

Living room
Another view of the living room
Dining Area

Tell us a little bit about your business

The fact that I am qualified Civil Engineer, also puts a great element of trust for my clients to put reins into my hands.
I have qualified from Bangalore University with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and from University of The Arts London as an Interior Designer. I love Vastu & Astrology and the fact that not only do I make my clients house beautiful and calming but also make their life happy with the
Vastu remedies, gives me a great sense of contentment.

Foyer and Stairs

How do you strike a balance between your home and work life?

I am fortunate that I am blessed with a life partner who pitches in 100% when it comes to striking a work-life balance. He’s also there for any support and encouragement.

Prity Kohli Arora can be contacted on [email protected], Insta: @kohliarora, Email: [email protected]: +353894866953

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