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Creating Positive Environments with Motivational Accessories!

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Michael Price, the founder of is an entrepreneur and a critically-acclaimed author. His advice in Education, Career, Business, and Personal Finance has been endorsed by top industry influencers and has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Fox Business, The Chicago Tribune and various major media outlets.

Michael started with a goal to inspire and motivate people to live the life they deserve! He believes that the best way to maintain motivation is to surround yourself with positive affirmations. Psychologists refer to this as The Power of Suggestion. In other words, what we train our brain to believe based on our surroundings will influence our behavior.

Creating Positive Environment:

With I Can Be Society, Michael has combined a scientifically-proven behavioral technique with tangible products (t-shirts, wristbands, pillows, posters, hats, mugs) – allowing you to create a positive environment of unshakable motivation!

positive environment
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How and when did you start “I Can Be Society”?

I started I Can Be Society in July, 2014. I started it after publishing my book What Next: The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Real World. I wrote this book to provide direction to young people who were struggling to establish their careers after high school and college. After I published my book, I wanted to take things to the next level to provide people of all ages with inspiration to be what they wanted to be and to pursue their passion or to simply live their life as though saw fit. This is when I decided to start I Can Be Society.

I was sitting at the kitchen table one day with my wife and I was telling her about this idea that I had to create a community of like-minded people who were on a journey of fulfillment. I didn’t have a name for the website yet, but as I was explaining the idea to my wife, I told her it was a community for people who could be who they wanted to be so then she said what about “I Can Be..” and then immediately I said, “Society… I Can Be Society.” The name was perfect and it expressed exactly what the community was intended to be.

What was your motivation to start your company?

I was motivated by the millions of people who have big dreams, but are lacking the motivation they need daily to keep going. There were so many times when I wanted to give up and quit, especially when things weren’t going according to plan. The only thing that kept me going was my I Can Be wristband. It was the only product we sold on our website for our first 2 years and it served as a constant reminder for me about the commitment I made to myself and to others. I was so fascinated with how effective this simple wristband was at allowing me to maintain motivation. Two years after launching I Can Be Society, I started doing research to figure out what drives people to maintain motivation. My research led me to scientific research studies about The Power of Suggestion which states that what we train our brain to believe based on our surroundings will influence our behavior. This was the moment when everything changed. I began to realize that there was so much more I could do to help myself and others by creating environments that cultivated motivation, allowing people to manifest anything their heart desired. A wristband was great, but I also realized that people needed more. In less than one year, I expanded our product set from one wristband to 300 products including additional wristbands, hats, t-shirts, cell phone cases, posters and more.

positive environment
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What were your challenges? How did you overcome those challenges?

My challenges were continuing to move forward when over 90% of the things I planned didn’t work out as expected. I overcame those challenges by using my products to keep me motivated.

positive environment
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What are your hobbies? 

My hobby is building my business. There’s a quote that says, “when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I believe that to my core. There’s not a moment in the day when I don’t think about the people I want to positively influence with the products I sell. This keeps me thinking about the next design I develop as well as future partnerships with other people and brands that can help me spread my message further.

Tell us more about your company and its products.

At I Can Be Society, we sell motivational apparel and accessories to help people create an environment that cultivates growth and empowerment.

positive environment
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What is your message to your fellow entrepreneurs?

Before you start a business, make sure you have a solid financial foundation and business acumen. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs start businesses without enough money to sustain themselves or fund the needs of their business, which prevents you from being able to grow. A lot of entrepreneurs also lack business acumen which is a combination of marketing and advertising experience as well as the understanding of how markets work. As an example, when I started my first business 13 years ago, I didn’t understand basic principles like supply and demand, so when I launched my products no one was interested in buying them because there wasn’t any demand. Even with I Can Be Society, I’ve learned that I can’t limit myself to one product or one type of product. I had to broaden my product offering for people who are searching for specific types of motivational products. Last but not least, I think self-awareness is important for entrepreneurs as well. In the age of eCommerce and social media, entrepreneurship seems so easy, but it’s not. It’s actually harder now than ever before because there is so much competition. It’s important for people to understand that before they take on the challenge of entrepreneurship, they need to make sure that they have what it takes to endure the hardship when things don’t turn out the way they hoped they would. Furthermore, entrepreneurs need to have a solid understanding of digital marketing and advertising including SEO, social media and paid search and they also need to understand accounting, P&L and customer lifetime value and most importantly patience. Good things never come quickly.

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Author: Michael Price.

Michael Price is an experienced digital marketer and critically-acclaimed author. His advice in education, career, business, and personal finance has been endorsed by top industry influencers and has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Fox Business, The Chicago Tribune  and various major media outlets.

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