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College Applications Event Review

Attending the “College Application Insights” event, a fundraiser by was a great way of understanding how the college application process works. This enriching experience not only had key speakers explaining the process but also financial advisors giving important tips on Financial Planning.

This was a fundraiser event benefiting Seattle Children’s hospital for a great cause such as Emergency Room Fund.

The presentation started with Rekha Arikere, Founder of AapkiSpace sharing her ideas and vision for AapkiSpaceRekha shared her own stories and experiences on how Aapkispace would reach out to fellow Indians who have moved away from home and have made America their new abode. In her own words, Rekha believes that “Aapkispace” could make a meaningful difference and a positive impact on the lives of others like us.”

Rekha Arikere, talking about her vision for AapkiSpace

The next part was the presentation about the College application process by college counsellor, Mary Pat O’Neil from TrueFitCounseling.comThe key points of her presentation were filled with advices on how to effectively navigate that part of the application process.

 What Should I Know About the College Application Process?

What Should I Know About Applying to Different Types of Colleges? (in-state, out of state and private colleges)

What should I know about Liberal arts colleges vs universities?

what should I know about annual college costs?

What Tips Should I Know About My College Essay?

What Should I Know About Extracurricular Activities?

How to make a list of colleges, what are the factors to consider, what should you look at while selecting colleges?

How Important Are Standardized Test Scores? (SAT/ ACTs) How to prepare for these test?

Should I Apply to College Early?

What Do I Need to Know About Recommendation Letters?

what are the different parts of college application, activity lists for teenagers?

Best Colleges Rankings?

What Life skills are needed for success in college?

 Application process can seem daunting, especially for students and families going through it for the first time. Teenagers are also pretty stressed out. They too want to make their parents happy. The talk about colleges does stress them out!

She shared great tips on how parents can motivate and help their kids at this crucial time.

College counselor Mary Pat O’Neil from TrueFit Counseling
College counselor Mary Pat O’Neil from TrueFit Counseling

The next part of the event was a brief presentation on Financial Planning for your child’s education by the Financial. Advisors Kathy Wills from Addison Investment services and Zachary- Hill Joseph from John Hancock who is a 529 specialist.

Financial Advisors Kathy Wills and Zachary-Hill Joseph.

 The final part of the event concluded with a panel discussion and Q and A with mentor parents who have their kids either in college or graduated from college, to help answer questions of the attendees on this topic.

 The event was not only informative, it involved great volunteer participation from a number of kids who in their own little way made  paintings and donated to Seattle Children Hospital.

 Looking forward to more enriching events in future!

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