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Why is Chess Important for your Child?

Chess is one of the world’s most popular strategic board games, where each player controls 16 pieces with the objective of checkmating his or her opponent’s king. Each piece moves with a unique pattern, and provides different advantages in gameplay.

This complex and intriguing competition is one that requires patience, sportsmanship, perseverance, and critical thinking. For both players, it involves not only analyzing the board and seeing where pieces are currently located, but identifying the potential moves and positions that could emerge later on. It is a constant balance between threatening your opponent’s pieces, and defending your own.

Teaching planning and foresight, as well as improving concentration and problem-solving, this mentally engaging game has been proven to increase academic performance and self-confidence. These life skills, learned from playing chess, help to set children up to become individuals who are happier, more effective, and better adjusted to handle life’s challenges.

Founded by CEO and National Master, Elliot Neff, Chess4Life gives students the opportunity to engage in these life skills, while exploring their interest in the game of chess. Our company’s overall mission is to make a positive impact on as many children’s lives as possible through the game of chess, teaching character qualities and the importance of having a core set of values.

It is a given that our students will learn the game of chess itself, but on top of general knowledge, many virtues are instilled that will help our students in everyday decision making and behavior. Each student receives the individualized attention necessary from coaches, allowing coaches to provide learning opportunities, evaluate their strengths, and most importantly, help them grow in both chess and personal development.

From years of working closely with parents, we understand that finding their children activities that are simultaneously fun, enriching, and rewarding, is a big priority. Many students have busy schedules, and it’s important that the activities and events they are putting their efforts into offer a valuable return for their time. It is our hope that we can provide an exciting and gratifying experience, with lessons that will extend into all aspects of their lives.

Author: Erica Celaya


Erica Celaya lives in Seattle, Washington. She is the Relationship Manager at Chess4Life’s Redmond Center. She has many years of experience working with and teaching children of all ages. Erica attained Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and General Law from Central Washington University. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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