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Chai Please! Benefits of Herbal teas

Chai Please!

But this time I am going to say herbal tea please!! I remember those days when early in the morning,  we would wake up to the smell and aroma of chai emanating from the kitchen and feel so blissful when the first taste of that chai laden with cardamom and hints of ginger all culminating in our throat, woke us up to a bright and happening day.

But after many years of having been dependent on chai, I decided to try the new Herbal Tea mantra. The transition to herbal tea happened gradually and with each different mix of spices and herbs it became more and more intriguing to try different flavors and taste each of those flavors.

Herbal tea is not like typical Chai where we put the milk, water, sugar and the chai itself and brew it, rather it is a mixture of different kinds of leaves, flowers and herbs which are infused in hot water to bring out the flavor and the benefits of the different herbs in it. I usually have mine with or without honey for that sweet flavor. If I have a bad cough or cold,  then I try the Lemongrass and Ginger tea, likewise there are various kinds of herbal teas that helps with different health related issues and one can benefit immensely if taken every day.

I remember seeing the Hibiscus flowers in our backyard while growing up. I had no clue about its benefits and imagine my surprise when I first saw Herbal Tea with Hibiscus in it!! I had to try this and I have to tell you that it was quite tangy, fragrant and sweet and so subtly calming at the same time. No wonder it is known to be as one of those herbal teas that lower your blood pressure. I now have quite a collection in my pantry and depending on my mood, I grab a sachet, simmer it hot water and enjoy, sipping the flavors immensely.

Herbal teas are very popular these days as they are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and are known to be very beneficial for our health.

Herbal teas can be had with your cookies, lunch, and even after dinner as well and more than anything can be had “guilt free”! Chai is always on the list, but there are so many different varieties and flavors of herbal teas,  that somehow it has become an attraction to me these days! And whenever someone asks me, “Will you have tea, I say sure Herbal Tea please!”


Author: Reema Beher


Reema is originally from Mumbai and now lives in the Greater Seattle area. After working in the Technology and Education areas, she has now started writing as she finds joy in translating her thoughts into words!  She is passionate about writing and she also loves being outdoors spending time hiking and traveling with her family.


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