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Ethnic Indian and classy home décor by Poornima

Poornima Murthy lives in the greater Seattle area. She is a software engineer by profession and an interior design enthusiast at heart. Her home bursts with extremely beautiful, meticulous and awestriking design, décor and colors mainly rooted in Indian arts and culture. It’s an example of how you can transform a plain space to something…

How artist Shweta Shetty uses her platform, RangSparsh, as a creative outlet and a way to donate to local NGOs.

I am a Finance professional working at an MNC based out of Thane, Mumbai. It has been four years since I picked up an old hobby to relax over the weekends after a stressful work week. I realized that a sunday afternoon spent bent over my canvases and paints would leave me refreshed to tackle…

Adding Color and Texture to your Interior Space with Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a very efficient way of adding color and texture to your interior space. It also cleanses the air around you. You can get an array of beautiful flowering plants which can complement your space and bring it to life. Indoor Plants You can add plants along with your curios such as the…

Modern Design Evoking Travel Memories!

Interior Designing helps convert a normal space into a fully functional space! Embellishing it with decorations, art work and furnishings add beauty to the functional element of the space. In the below project, interior designing has been done in a way to bring out memories of places, the client visited and enjoyed!   Formal Living Room In this case, the…


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