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Gongura Pacchadi and Rice Roti

Gongura Pacchadi

Gongura or red sorrel is a staple green leaf used in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. It’s sour tangy taste is it’s USP. The spicy Andhra Masala added to the Pacchadi, make it a Gourmet’s delight. Gongura pacchadi is a Telugu cuisine. I am combining it with Rice roti, a Maharashtrian staple. The pair is totally…

Hung Yogurt Sandwich ( Kids LunchBox Idea!)

hung yogurt sandwich

Easy//Healthy//Nutritious//Protein//Vegetables//Immune booster. Hung curd or yogurt sandwiches are very easy to make. You can make them for breakfast or kids lunch boxes as well. They are very healthy and you can do the preparation work previous night to make things easier for the next day. Hung curd or yogurt gives that creamy texture to the…

Moong Dal Chila With Paneer Filling

moong dal chila

Easy//No Fermentation Required // Protein // Good for Lunch Boxes // Kids Favorite. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Isn’t this true? I have a great interest for teaching and the area of Education and the past 2 months I got so busy with…

Avocado Chapatis/Rotis

avocado chapatis

Easy//Nutritious//Healthy//Kid Friendly//Good for Tiffin/Lunch Boxes. I am a big fan of easy and healthy recipes. If you have read my previous recipes you would have realized this by now 🙂 Due to some personal reasons,  I had taken a break from posting the recipes but definitely not cooking. Cooking is therapeutic for me, the smell…

Toor Dhal Dosa

Vegetables//Easy//Nutritious//Protein//Carbs//Diary//Lunch Box Idea Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, a protein rich breakfast can do wonders for children and us! This is a nutritious breakfast that keeps us full till lunch time. I pack these dosas for kids lunch box too.   Ingredients: Rice – 1 cup Toor Dhal – 1 cup…

Healthy and Colorful Mini Uttapams ( Kids School Lunch Idea)!

As a mom of two school going kids,  I am always thinking of what to make for their snack gfi boxes. Something that is healthy and appealing to them. This is a super hit recipe in my house loved by my boys and their classmates too! Ingredients: Dosa batter:  2 cups. Grated carrots:  1/4 cup. Finely…


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