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For Folks whose employers continue to pay them: Here are some small ways to help the world during Covid-19

We are treading difficult times. The next few months will be crucial to determine how we fare as a society and an economy. Due to the city lockdowns, there are many restraunts, salons, and a lot of other small businesses which had to either temporarily or permanently shut down in various places across the world….

A mom’s homeschooling plan during Covid-19 related school closures

My Role in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19. During these unprecedented times of covid-19/coronavirus outbreak, here is what I am doing to help contain the spread. I want to do my part in helping this world to stop the spread of this virus. I am talking from the perspective of a mom, of…

Ketaki Kale’s, Naadanam, a wholesome approach to dance!

Ketaki and Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts Ketaki is a professional Indian classical dancer, teacher & choreographer and has been running her dance institute, Naadanam Academy of Performing Arts for over a decade. She started Naadanam in India and has continued after moving to Seattle. She is very passionate about dance and also about other kinds of…

May Food Be Thy Medicine, Not Medicine Be Thy Food!

food be thy medicine

Heartburn/Gastritis is seldom a disease. It’s a lifestyle induced disorder. It’s mother nature enforcing morality on the stomach, nonetheless, it’s intensity assaults mentally, physically and emotionally! Triggers of Gastritis: 1) Irregular eating and sleeping habits. 2) Stress, alcohol, drugs, fast foods, aerated drinks etc 3) Hurry Worry Curry in short😄 (hurry implies gulping down the…

Taming The Immunity

The ability of an organism to resist an infection, with the help of its sensitized white blood corpuscles is termed Immunity. Our immune system evolves and comes strong through its trials against illnesses and offending agents. We, vertebrates have an adaptive immune system. It means we are capable of producing antibodies specifically designed to precisely…

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. While taking care of general health is important during this time, oral health care is equally important for the well-being of the mother and the child. Good oral habits during pregnancy not only help prevent problems during pregnancy, they also benefit the health of the unborn child….

“AAP KI SOCH – AAP KA SEHETH” meaning “Your Thinking – Your Health”

WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as ‘A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Not merely absence of disease and infirmity‘. Urban fast paced goal-oriented life leaves behind very little scope to introspect our real needs and wants. High competition, aspirations coupled with inability to cope with its physical and time demands leaves…

General Info on Children’s dental health

What is the age when a child should be evaluated for orthodontic care? The American academy of orthodontics recommends all children should have an orthodontic assessment by age seven. The general dentist plays a key role in recommending the child to the orthodontist based on the oral condition of the child. Braces aren’t just for…

Chai Please! Benefits of Herbal teas

Chai Please! But this time I am going to say herbal tea please!! I remember those days when early in the morning,  we would wake up to the smell and aroma of chai emanating from the kitchen and feel so blissful when the first taste of that chai laden with cardamom and hints of ginger all…


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