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Ethnic Indian and classy home décor by Poornima

Poornima Murthy lives in the greater Seattle area. She is a software engineer by profession and an interior design enthusiast at heart. Her home bursts with extremely beautiful, meticulous and awestriking design, décor and colors mainly rooted in Indian arts and culture. It’s an example of how you can transform a plain space to something…

Exploring Creative Possibilities with Crocheting!


CROCHET is a safe, structured art form of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread or strands of other material using a crochet hook. The name is derived from the French term ‘crochet ‘ meaning a ‘small hook ‘. I consider “crocheting” a ‘mindful hobby’ and also a great stress reliever! The end result of…

DIY: Paper Lanterns

DIY: Paper Lanterns I love making DIY projects at home. For a beginner, these paper lanterns are easier and mess free. It can be used as decoration for any party or any Puja. Step 1: Select paper, cut Handle and fold  Select any colored construction paper (9″ by 12″) or any A4 size paper to…

DIY Project: Foam Paper Bowl in 10 Minutes!

This is a craft idea to develop texture recognition in young children. These colorful containers were created from craft foam. They are very easy to make, lightweight baskets that you can make with your kids and can be used for storing their stationery, chocolates or jewelry. Watch this DIY project to see how you can make a Foam…


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