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My Life Experiences being on a H4 Visa

Hi! This is Neha, I would like to thank AapkiSpace for this series on H4 Visa and would like to grab this as an opportunity to open up about my experiences in USA on a H4 visa.  Let me introduce myself first- I am a mom of two boys, 14 and 9 years old and…

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Being on a H4 Visa in USA is difficult, overwhelming and many a times depressing. As per reserach, 90% of H4 visa holders are women and many feel alone and helpless because of not being able to work/have a job, inspite of being highly qualified and having relevant work/industry experience, before coming to USA, not…

Dependent Visa (H4/F2 Visa) – Opportunity to Pursue the Long Lost Interest.

dependent visa

Coming to a foreign country for work or study is a dream for many. But for some, it becomes inevitable to go to their dream land as a dependent/spouse on a dependent visa in which earning money is not possible. Eventually, we would try to get a job or go to school. Both of these…


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