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Caring for Aging Parents through a Pandemic – Interview with the founder of Asha AI, Rashmi Joshi

Many of us have been estranged from our aging parents during this pandemic. One company that aims to solve the difficult question of how to connect with your aging parents during this time and help them manage their health more effectively at home, is Asha AI,

Asha AI is a remote elder care startup based in Seattle, WA. We had the chance to connect with Asha AI’s founder, Rashmi Joshi, on how they envision tackling this task.

Rashmi Joshi, Founder of Asha AI

Tell us more about Asha AI. How does it work?

Your elderly parents simply chat with Asha, our conversational AI. Throughout their day, Asha reminds them of upcoming medical appointments, when to take certain medications, and helps them get the care they need whenever a health question pops up. Through Asha, your parents can order wellness services, such as meal planning, transportation, laundry and more, as well as audio/video call you, their doctors or pharmacy.

You, on the other hand, are kept informed on their health through our mobile app. You can manage appointments, connect with your parents and their doctors or pharmacies, and receive care recommendations that can prevent decline. You can also order third party services at a discount, like your parents. For more data driven insights, Asha can be connected to a variety of third party devices, such as home monitoring devices, general health monitoring devices, such as Fitbit, or even condition-specific devices that help track data related to different conditions- An example is a smart blood glucose monitor to track insulin levels for diabetes patients.

Since elderly folks are often diagnosed with more than one condition, we created Asha to be a holistic health platform that addresses a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and more.

What problem is Asha AI trying to solve?

As people age, their care needs increase. Most families can’t afford professional caregiving services, don’t want to move their parents to a nursing home, and don’t live close enough to help care for them. Unfortunately, today’s remote care solutions are made for tech savvy folks and therefore are not only unintuitive for elderly folks to use, but often inaccessible entirely to those who experience problems with their vision, hearing, or mobility.

That’s why we designed Asha to be fully accessible through conversation. Now your elderly parents can connect with you easily and have help managing their health at home without needing to learn how to use any new technology!

What was your inspiration to start Asha AI?

Asha’ or ‘hope’ in Sanskrit, is also the name of my grandmother. As my grandmother battled cancer in India, the rest of my family battled the difficult question of how to manage her health without being physically present. Our connected world and an aging population require a holistic health management solution centered on keeping families connected to each other and to care. We at Asha are committed to solving this problem by using artificial intelligence to educate family members, connect providers, and proactively manage the health of elderly patients.

Rashmi Joshi with her mom and grand parents

How can I get involved?

Asha AI actively partners with nonprofits, 3rd party devices, and wellness services, and is available for enterprise pre-order. We are also taking beta sign ups! If you’d like to be one of the first to use Asha, sign up on our website at If you’d like to join the Asha team, please send us your CV at Let’s help our elders get the care they need.

Author: AapkiSpace Author
Image Courtesy: Asha AI


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