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Amazing Taste of Bombay Karachi Halwa.

bombay karachi halwa

Bombay Karachi Halwa – This is a chewy Halwa made from cornflour and nuts. It’s an essential sweet in an assorted sweet box.


1&1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup water to make a string consistency syrup.

1/2 cup corn flour mixed in 1&1/2 cup water with a pinch of red food color.

Pinch of citric acid crystals.

Assorted slivered nuts roasted till crunchy in ghee(clarified butter).

2tbsp ghee(clarified butter).

Bombay Karachi Halwa – Method Of Preparation:

Sugar needs to be  mixed with 1/2 cup water and heated till 1 string consistency is achieved.

Add cornflour mixed in water to it.

Keep stirring till it forms into a uniform lump.

Now add a pinch of citric acid and 2 tbsp ghee.

Keep stirring for  10 – 15 min .

Add roasted nuts. Stirring longer gives a better chewy consistency. Then pat on a plate and flatten.

No need to grease the plate, since the halwa is greasy enough.

Garnish with more nuts. Cool and cut into squares.  Kooks appetizing.! Tastes good too. This can’t be stored for longer than 2-3 days.

bombay karachi halwa

bombay karachi halwa

bombay karachi halwa
recipe of Bombay Karachi halwa

bombay karachi halwa
bombay Karachi halwa

Author: Kiran Shanbhag.

bombay karachi halwa
Author – Bombay Karachi Halwa

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