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Bollywood Gupshup! Movie Review: Fan


Bollywood – Which movie tonight?

With so many genres of movies these days and a plethora of choices on the Indian movie front, I just couldn’t figure out the movie that I wanted to watch on a Saturday evening. There were some really nice movies that I hadn’t watched for quite a while.  So, after a lot of deliberation and reading about the much hyped movie of Shah Rukh Khan,  I decided to go ahead and watch the movie “Fan” which seemed like an action packed thriller and family movie at the same time.

I must say that I was and am a fan of the king khan myself. His movies remind me of the nostalgia of 1990’s and always take me back to those days and era.

The movie, “Fan”,  didn’t bore me and was quite OK from my perspective. There aren’t many songs in it either. So, that is great news for the audience who don’t like songs and dance popping up in the middle of something exciting happening 🙂

There are some cool twists and turns from the beginning to the end with some great stunts and actions sequences that were heart pounding!

Shah Rukh plays a double role, one as an actor in the movie and another as  a fan who is crazy about him, and he manages to pull it off superbly.  He plays the two different characters quite flawlessly and you can see the different dimensions in each of his characters come out in his acting. He gives quite a power packed performance and everyone in the family, including kids could watch it!

It is thrilling from start to finish.  I think in the latter half of the movie it gets more intense and I was not sure whom/which character to sympathize with. Now, I don’t want to reveal more. Will let you watch and find out more!

I would surely recommend this movie for the die-hard fans of Shah Rukh Khan as you can see him throughout the movie.

It is funny to watch Shah Rukh Khan chasing himself in the movie 🙂

Let’s see what else is coming up next?


Author: Reema Beher


Reema is originally from Mumbai and now lives in the Greater Seattle area. After working in the Technology and Education areas, she has now started writing as she finds joy in translating her thoughts into words!  She is passionate about writing and she also loves being outdoors spending time hiking and traveling with her family.

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