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What is it that is most important and valuable for Indians (south asian) in America (desis)?

Due to the unique challenges we face while living outside of India, we all have a set of common needs. Need for information in the areas of life that are most important to us such as Education, Finance, LifeStyle and last but not the least Cooking. Although we have friends and family in India, not  many can relate to us about these unique challenges we face. That is where AapkiSpace comes into picture. There is an overwhelming amount of information over the internet in this internet zamana. But it is all scattered and AapkiSpace serves as one platform where you can come to find relevant and reliable information that will help make a difference in your lives. Content posted by authors who have experience and expertise in each of these areas to enrich you with the info you need.

Role of Education:

We believe the mantra that “Education is the key to success in life”. We realise the role it has played and how it is helping us in our life and we want to take the right decisions in this area for our kids and provide them with the best schools and best everything we can. But sometimes due to lack of proper and latest information we miss out on certain great opportunities and options. AapkiSpace works on reducing the gap between you and the info you need.

What about Finance do we want to know?

We work hard to lead a good life and we understand how important it is to be informed about personal finance. Earning, saving, investing and budgeting is something we all are involved in. Information that is crafted to help us with these elements is hard to find in one place. We want to be your go to place for options/ideas/tips in this area. We make sure we do this by presenting content from experts in Finance.


The kind of LifeStyle we lead has a great mix of Indian and Western culture. It is amazing how well we have incorporated the good elements of various cultures here in America. We have both Bollywood and Hollywood themes in our Lifestyle!! 🙂 We love to celebrate Christmas and Easter just  as mucn as we love to do Diwali and Holi. To be on top of everything related to great desi LifeStyle, come to AapkiSpace.
Last but not the least,

Cooking! What can I say?

We are all food enthusiasts! From Chutney to chelupa, Pizza to paratha, we love it all. Find great recipes from expert cooks here at

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