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What is the best gift you can give your kids?

 This is the question everyone has on their kid’s birthdays and special occasions. I had the same question for years and discovered the answer to this recently.

Toys I buy either becomes outdated or my daughter will outgrow them in no time. Dresses are temporary. Gadgets provide momentary happiness.

Now, what is that I could gift her, that would last for rest of her life and beyond?

I started looking into our own lives, reflecting back on those times that we were most happy. They turned out to be those times when we were in the company of happy people who are celebrating, sharing, singing and dancing.  Extending those thoughts led to this imagination where a community, city, state and world in which everyone is happy, joyful, compassionate, loving, caring and authentic.

Are we all not like this? Yes, inherently we all are happy, joyful and loving people. People are kind, caring and very pure in nature.

Then why does sorrow, hatred, stress, jealousy etc exist in our lives? The answer is not actually very complicated when I found it, rather, it was simple.

“Everything in our life is our perception”

My perception of things not going as expected was life getting out of control or something bad that has happened in my life. One example was my Dad passing away with cancer although he was very healthy till he got cancer. This was not acceptable by me.  When I learnt death is inevitable and every person born dies, one day i accepted it and learnt from it. In the beginning, my perception of this incident was this was a terrible thing and my life went upside down. Over time, I realized the love for my dad is unchanged and I had the best times of my life with my dad growing up. After his death, I realized the importance of life, which didn’t occur to me before this incident.

When I looked back at my life and started learning from my life incidents, looking at them from positive perspective, it has transformed me as a person.

That is kind of transformation and empowerment I want to give back to our community, country and world. Transforming 1 person at a time leading to World transformation.

There is no better gift I can give my daughter than providing exposure to an environment with happy, content, loving and caring people around her who are empowering each other every day. There are lot of people working everyday towards making this dream a reality and yes! the world we live in is transforming!

Author: Srujana Thodupunoori
Srujana is an Engineer living and working in the Bay Area.  She is also the founder of “EZLife” which provides Life Coaching/Parent Coaching services.
She believes that all human beings are same at the core with love, joy, happiness and generosity. Through her Life coaching services,  her goal is to make life easy for everyone, turn stress and anxiety into fun and joy in life. She wants to be part of people’s journey in discovering ways to accomplish life goals with ease, joy and fun!
She could be reached at for any comments or feedback.

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