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Easy Way to Make Banana Chips – Taste is Priceless

banana chips

The famous Nendra Palam chips from Kerala was on my cooking wish list since long. Surprisingly, I found that it is very easy to make banana chips. Taste is priceless!


5 semi-raw bananas (Nendra Bale bananas) a tinge of sweetness is it’s USP.

1tsp Salt mixed in a bowl of 20 ml water.

Oil to fry.

Banana Chips – Method Of Preparation:

Longitudinally Slit the peel of bananas. Oil your hands to avoid blackish stains while peeling the banana skin.

Drop all the peeled bananas in a deep vessel of turmeric water.

This removes the sliminess of the bananas.

After 20 mins drain the water.

Pat dry with a cloth.

Slice the bananas in a chips maker directly into hot oil. ( Be careful with this step as you are handling very hot oil here!)

When slightly crisp, add 1/2 tsp of salt water in hot oil. (Again, be very careful during this step too,  as you are pouring a small amount of water into hot oil which might cause the oil to splatter out.)

Fry till crisp. Take the chips out of the oil ( drain the extra oil out) and place on a plate.

Let it cool and store. Enjoy!

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banana chips
banana chips

banana chips
banana chips

banana chips
banana chips

Author: Kiran Shanbhag

banana chips
author of recipe banana chips

Dr. Kiran Shanbhag is a Homeopathic physician. She has been practicing for the last 18 years. She is passionate about her work as a Homeopathic doctor and is also passionate about cooking, equity markets, and a quest for spirituality. All the four have now become an integral part of her life!

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