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Avacado Dressing.

Easy//Healthy//Good Fat//Yummy//Versatile


Avacado – 1
Tomato – 1.  I used Roma Tomato
Shallot – 1 cut into small pieces
Green chilly – 1
Cilantro – chopped 1 table spoon
Garlic – 2 pods
Lime – 1
Salt as per taste
Black Pepper Powder – few pinches
Olive Oil – 3 table spoons.

Method Of Preparation:

Take all the ingredients except Olive Oil and Lime juice into a Mixer or Food Processor.

Grind into smooth paste.

Add like juice and mix well.

Add olive oil and whisk well.

Pour the dressing over your favorite greens and vegetables. Yummy finger licking salad is ready.

Other ways to use:

You can use this as a dip. Little different texture than Guacamole but tastes the same.
I store the ground paste into an air tight container along with the Avacado seed (helps in preventing oxidization) and use it to make Chapathi/Roti dough, mix it with dosa batter to make yummy Utappams. Also, goes very well as a dip with your tortilla chips.


Author: Gayathri Vamsi


Gayathri is originally from India. She lived abroad for more than a decade. She spent 8 years in Seattle, USA before relocating to Bangalore (Namma Bengaluru!). As a mother of two young boys, she juggles between multiple roles and responsibilities. She is passionate about getting a sense of accomplishment in anything she deals with. She is very keen on providing fresh and nutritional food to her family. She believes that the ability to triumph begins with you! Cooking, Churning easy Indian recipes and fusion recipes, Teaching, Emceeing and actively participating in giving back to Society are where her heart lies in.

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