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Rekha Arikere, Founder

AapkiSpace is a website/platform that brings together all the information that families living abroad really care about. Information on topics/areas that are highly important and relevant in their lives such as EducationFinance, Career, LifeStyle topics and Cooking.

Years ago, when I was new to this beautiful country, USA, just like many of you, there were a lot of unknowns. I didn’t know whom I could approach to get my questions answered, to help get my problems solved.

Away from India, I faced a unique set of challenges that not many people back in India could relate to. Take any area of life: Education, Finance, General lifestyle, the questions we have are very specific to our demographics here.

I believe that we all have our own stories and experiences and if we are willing to share this in the form of small stories/articles, it could make a meaningful difference and a positive impact on the lives of others like us. I started volunteering a few months ago and I realized that it made me feel happy. But my reach was limited. So, I started writing articles/stories when I founded This gave me an opportunity to scale and my reach is now much bigger. This gives me a great sense of fulfillment along with happiness!! Now, many passionate and talented writers have joined this exciting journey and use this platform as a hands-on creative outlet to share their stories and life experiences!

At, we aim at bringing to our audience the content that is informative, enriching, educating and engaging and above all something that resonates with our lives here in America!

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