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Tanya Virmani, one of India’s top Fashion Bloggers!

Tanya Virmani is a Luxury Fashion & Travel Blogger from Delhi. Her blog, Let’s Expresso is one of the top Fashion Blogs of India. She is working with leading brands and writes on latest launches, events and trends.

Tanya is an English Hons from Delhi University and an alumni of NIFT, Delhi.

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Her blog Let’s Expresso is a 4-in-1 venture. LE is a fashion, beauty, food and travel blog that focuses on latest Fashion Trends, Styles and Attitude of women. Let’s Expresso also brings some fabulous vegetarian cuisines from India and around the world to lift your moods and occasions.

What began as a means to scribble and note down fashion ideas, dreams and inspirations soon turned into a full-fledged blog as it received much love and appreciation from its readers. LE hosts a wide range of Giveaways from time to time and is preferred brand partner for leading brands. Click on the red tab below to check out her fabulous blog!!


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