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Screen-Free Activities #41 and #42

Right from a young age, probably, as young as a couple months after birth, your child starts learning math language around her without realizing what it is... numbers, patterns around her, comparisons!! Between the ages, 3.5 and 5, they are ready to learn to count, what numbers look like, how the number words look like, count them in order in many fun ways for a strong foundation to be laid...
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Screen-Free Activities #36 to #38. Crystal Climbers, Making a Cater Pillar and Other Fun Activities For Kids!

Fun Activities for Kids - Activity # 36 Crystal Climbers. These are a kind of building blocks made out of crystals. Great for use with light table. Improves creativity. Builds fine motor skills. Easy slot-together helps in building in all directions. Activity # 37 Paper Plate Cat.  Things required to make this: 2 paper plates 2 Googly eyes 1 button for nose Paint of your choice. 4 tooth...
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Screen Free Activities #32 to #35. Origami, The Art Of Folding and Others!

Healthy Activities - Activity # 32 Origami. Origami is the Japanese folding art. It is known from a very long time for its several benefits it offers to kids: Development of hand and eye coordination Improvement in sequencing skills Teaches kids how to follow directions Increases attention span Math reasoning and much more!! Apart from all this, it is fun! Thanks to a dear friend who gifted us a...

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