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Screen Free Activities #5 and #6

Activity #5
Creating Patterns

Children love to create patterns. Today,  we used our magnetic board to create simple patterns.
How do patterns help the kids?
* Increases attention span.
* Pattern recognition is one of the most important skills for kids.
* This particular activity is a great one to improve hand and eye co-ordination.
* Helps build strong foundation for math.
* Can observe and relate to nature, relationships when there is a good foundation on patterns.

Patterns can be formed using crayons, building blocks, spoons and forks, pretty much with anything around the house.
Enjoy spending time with your children!



Activity #6
Science Experiments.

There are many simple experiments to do at home using things in our house. We did a simple one on things that float or sink.



Author: Gayathri Vamsi, Founder, Buzzing Bees


Buzzing Bees is an Afterschool Enrichment Program founded by Gayathri Vamsi. Their center is located in Bangalore. Their motto is “Paata is Aata, Aata is paata”, meaning, “Learning is like a Game and Games have a lot of Learning”

Gayathri is passionate about Kids Education and Activities that offer a constructive and effective learning environment for kids. As a mother of two young boys,  she is constantly learning different ways of creatively engaging them in activities where they learn, grow and enjoy doing that,  at the same time. She homeschooled her kids when she lived in the US. Buzzing Bees is a venture where Gayathri extends her passion to become available to the community.

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