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Roasted Chana/Garbanzo Beans

roasted chana

Easy // Baked snack // Protein // Nutritious // Healthy // To Go.

This is one of my favorite snacks, they are healthy, crunchy, easy to make. Does anyone require more reasons to fall in love with this one… oh ya you can play around with this recipe.

The oven roasted chana is like boiled chana dry, toss and roast.  Yes, it is that simple!

Roasted Chana Recipe – Ingredients:

Boiled chana: 1 cup

Olive oil: 2 spoons

Salt as required

Spices:  Today,  I have used peri peri mix that I picked it up from the store. You can use anything like mixed herbs and pepper combo, curry powder , jeera powder, garam masala, Sambar powder  and the options are many more!

Method Of Preparation:

One important thing to follow while roasting chana in the oven is to not forget to pat them dry before tossing in the oil, salt and spices.

My favorite way to do this is to leave them between 2 kitchen towels for about 15 minutes, get your spices ready and pre heat the oven to 185.

Toss in the oil, salt , spices and make sure channa is well coated.

Spread them across a baking sheet and bake them at 185 degrees fahrenheit for 20 to 30 mins giving the tray a shake every 10 minutes.

Let them rest for about 10 minutes. This can be stored in an air tight container.  tadaaaa!! a healthy snack is ready in a jiffy.

A perfect snack for munching  while reading a book, watching movie or with chai.

roasted chana
roasted chana recipe

roasted chana
roasted chana recipe

Author: Gayathri Vamsi

roasted chana recipe
Author of roasted chana recipe

Gayathri is originally from India. She lived abroad for more than a decade. She spent 8 years in Seattle, USA before relocating to Bangalore (Namma Bengaluru!). As a mother of two young boys, she juggles between multiple roles and responsibilities. She is passionate about getting a sense of accomplishment in anything she deals with. She is very keen on providing fresh and nutritional food to her family. She believes that the ability to triumph begins with you! Cooking, Churning easy Indian recipes and fusion recipes,(other recipes) Teaching, Emceeing and actively participating in giving back to Society are where her heart lies in.

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