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Our Hiking Experience

With the weather getting warmer and the glowing sun peeking out in the mornings, many of us want to get away from home and enjoy the sun.

So we did!  We made a hiking plan!

We find hiking very exciting, refreshing and enjoyable as we get to see the breathtaking views and vistas on the way. Not only is it an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around us,  it is such a fun way of staying active and burning those calories!

There are many different kinds of hiking trails. There are rigorous hikes which are steeper and longer, the not so difficult ones which are shorter and straight path hikes. You have choices! Pick the one that suits you and your family! I decide to always do the shorter and the less steeper hikes keeping in mind the younger children with us.  It is always good to do your research and planning before going
 on a hike to avoid any surprises,  specially with kids.

With abundant nature and beauty around us, we decide to go hiking to one of the scenic trails close by.  We know that it would be more fun if friends join us. And so, we make a call to one of our friends who decide to join us.

We set an achievable hiking goal. The way we make it achievable is by not forgetting that we have kids tagging along with us 🙂

We get our gear ready, basically, a small backpack with water bottles to keep ourselves hydrated, sunscreen, sandwiches and health bars. We wear our walking shoes, comfortable attire, get some hiking poles and off we go.

We arrive at our hiking trail and meet our friends there. The children are all excited and we decide to take the less strenuous route that is easy to walk, not too long and enjoyable at the same time.

Before we
 start our hike we see maps at the entrance that tell us the directions, distance and the different loops that we can take to reach a beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike.

We start hiking and as we hike we see beautiful trails, all different kinds/species of plants, tall trees, berry shrubs, small wooden bridges that we need to cross with water streaming by. We are happy and content. The sheer excitement on children’s faces is good to see. In fact, it  takes away all the tiredness and makes you feel so energized! Added bonus: The children are not only enjoying the hike but learning some science lingo as well!!

We arrive at a small pond and decide to take a break, a moment to catch our breath. Hiking does that, it does burn calories and is considered as a healthy form of exercise. After snacking/eating we are all refuelled and we resume our hike, once again enjoying the beauty of the nature around us. We hear all the different kinds of birds chirping. We stop for a while to see our little critter friends,  squirrels,  who look at us like 
we are from a different  planet 🙂

Finally,  we reach the destination and Wow!!! we find ourselves standing in front of this SPECTACULAR waterfalls. The view is indeed breathtaking and the feeling we have at this point is a “wow” feeling and “it is so worth it” feeling !!

The water droplets falling on our face from the 
waterfall cools us off and takes away all the exhaustion. The feeling of standing next to a magnificient waterfalls is a sight to cherish.

After admiring the beauty of the waterfalls, we make our way back. And, I must say, the feeling I had at this point cannot really be expressed in words. It’s something you have to experience!

Hiking to different places is a fun adventure that you would want to experience time and again!

Which hike should I do next? Hmmm- let me think!!!


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Author: Reema Beher


Reema is originally from Mumbai and now lives in the Greater Seattle area. After working in the Technology and Education areas, she has now started writing as she finds joy in translating her thoughts into words!  She is passionate about writing and she also loves being outdoors spending time hiking and traveling with her family.

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