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May Food Be Thy Medicine, Not Medicine Be Thy Food!

Heartburn/Gastritis is seldom a disease. It’s a lifestyle induced disorder. It’s mother nature enforcing morality on the stomach, nonetheless it’s intensity assaults mentally, physically and emotionally!


Triggers of Gastritis:

1) Irregular eating and sleeping habits.

2) Stress, alcohol, drugs, fast foods, aerated drinks etc

3) Hurry Worry Curry in short😄 (hurry implies gulping down the meals in a jiffy)

4) Fasting on whims, episodic diet plans, skipping breakfast, irregular meal times.

5) Binge eating, chomping between mealtimes is equally malefic.

6) Late night eating, lying down soon after.


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1) Eat once every 4 hours in your waking hours. Not in between. The gastric emptying time is 4 hours. Shorter gap between eating, challenges the stomach to deal with a fresh food and a partially digested food together.

2) Chew each morsel well. Stomach has no teeth 🙂 The total onus of pulverizing the meal is on the buccal cavity.

3) Eat at the same time every day. Rhythm governs everything in nature, be it seasons or planetary movements. This way the entry of the food into the gut and pouring of digestive juices will be in tandem.

4) Sit on the floor to eat. This ensures blood circulation in the torso and not pooling in legs while digestion begins.

5) Eat with bare hands. The biofeedback regarding the temperature, the smell, texture, the taste of food, braces and equips the stomach with the needed digestive enzymes. This is true mindful eating.

6)’Sip’ warm water, tea or milk​ with meal to mix the food evenly.  Saliva is alkaline, and maintains the pH balance. Never gulp water bypassing the saliva and also never gulp after meals as it dilutes the digestive enzymes

7) Never mix salads and fruits with cooked food. They require different time for digestion.

8) Never eat late dinner or lie down after meal.  It causes the reflux of acid into the food pipe, causing heart burn.

9) Over eating also causes heart burn. Listen to the ‘gut feel’ and never bite off more than what you can chew

Eating habits can feed the disease or fight it.  May food be thy medicine, not vice versa!

10) Last but not the least, Pray and express gratitude before eating -to the Almighty, the farmer, the logistic staff, the grocer, the wife/mother for fortifying the food with love.

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Author: Dr. Kiran Shanbhag

Dr. Kiran Shanbhag is a Homeopathic physician. She has been practicing from the last 18 years. She is passionate about her work as a Homeopathic doctor and is also passionate about cooking, equity markets and quest into spirituality. All the four have now become an integral part of her life!

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